Alternate Parts

We’re committed to returning your vehicle to its pre-collision condition. This means we want to give you near equal value for what you’ve lost. Recycled, aftermarket and remanufactured parts provide this value and may be used once your vehicle has accumulated 20,000 km or more.

For instance, let’s say you have a six-year-old vehicle needing a replacement fender. Your auto body shop should try to find a good quality recycled or aftermarket replacement part. Whichever part type the shop sources, it must meet MPI’s Parts Business Rule requirements for quality. For example, a recycled fender must be from a vehicle the same age or newer than yours. Using a brand new fender in this case does not provide equal value to the six-year-old fender you had before the damage occurred.

Besides giving you equal replacement, there’s also a cost consideration to using recycled, aftermarket or remanufactured parts. Alternate parts are less expensive than new factory parts, which means we can repair vehicles more economically. Keeping our claims costs lower helps us keep your Autopac premiums lower. Also, using good-quality recycled parts is more environmentally friendly.

Parts suppliers provide a warranty equal to or greater than the original manufacturer’s warranty on the same new part. Your auto body shop will always check the alternate parts to make sure they are in good condition. However, in the event of a parts issue, you can speak with your auto body shop to initiate the parts warranty process. If you are still concerned about the quality, you do have the option to pay the difference between the cost of the alternate part and the original manufacturer’s part.

In short, you’ll get parts equal to new original parts. This helps us control the cost of repairs and, in turn, the cost of your Autopac insurance.

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