Pedestrian safety

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It’s not always easy to spot a pedestrian

When you’re behind the wheel, watch carefully for people walking on roads or approaching a crosswalk. People may blend into their surroundings, so be extra vigilant!

Every two weeks, a pedestrian loses their life on Manitoba’s roads.

Pedestrian deaths are completely avoidable. Our roads should be a safe place for everyone. Here are some tips to keep yourself and others safe.

As a driver, you should always

  • Be on the lookout for people walking on the road or about to cross the road, especially at night.
  • Slow down around crosswalks and school zones. Children are especially unpredictable – be ready to stop quickly!
  • Wait for a pedestrian to fully crossed the road. Don’t proceed until the person walking is safely on the sidewalk.

If you’re walking

  • Dress and walk to be seen, especially at night. Bright clothing, flashers and reflective gear will help drivers see you.
  • Be alert. Pay attention to what’s around you.
  • Always make sure all vehicles have stopped before you cross a street. Look both ways, just like we learned in Kindergarten!