Leaving Manitoba

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Before you move

Check the vehicle registration and insurance, and the driver licensing rules in your new jurisdiction, even if your vehicle stays in Manitoba.

You may have to register and insure your vehicle and/or obtain a driver’s licence shortly after you arrive. It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with the rules in your new jurisdiction.

Request for Claims Experience and Driver Abstract

Your new insurer may ask you for a written record of your claims experience and/or driver abstract in Manitoba. Please see information on Driver Abstracts and Claims Experience Letters.

Claims Experience letter

It contains a history of any at-fault claims made to Manitoba Public Insurance within the last 10 years. Out-of-province jurisdictions use it to consider a reduction in insurance premiums. The cost is $15.

To arrange for a claims experience letter using a VISA or MasterCard credit card, call our Contact Centre at 204-985-7000 or toll free 1-800-665-2410. You can also visit a Manitoba Public Insurance Service Centre in person to request and receive your letter, or mail in your payment (certified cheque or money order) to:

Manitoba Public Insurance

Basic Autopac Services

510-234 Donald Street

PO Box 6300

Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A4

Driver Abstract

It contains information on the driver’s record including any driving convictions, suspensions, cancellations, at-fault accidents, or prohibitions. This letter is usually requested by employers for new employees to check their conviction history. The cost is $10.

To arrange for a driver abstract, visit an Autopac agent to complete a request, or visit a Manitoba Public Insurance Service Centre in person to complete a request and receive your abstract.

You can also complete the form online and fax your request and credit card payment information to 204-985-8105, toll free at 1-866-317-3267, or mail your request and payment (certified cheque, money order, or credit card information) to:

Manitoba Public Insurance

Driver Record and Suspensions

PO Box 6300

Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A4

Your Autopac coverage ends when

  • You are required by law to register your vehicle in your new jurisdiction, or
  • You register your vehicle in your new jurisdiction, or
  • Your Autopac coverage expires or you’re suspended for nonpayment.

Your Manitoba Driver’s Licence and Autopac Coverage

If you are in a reassessment year or are paying by 12 or 4 payments, you must continue your payments unless you cancel your driver’s licence and/or policy. Simply stopping payment with your financial institution or not paying an installment does not cancel your registration and insurance or driver’s licence.

This may result in the suspension of your driving privileges in Manitoba and potentially your driver’s licence in your new jurisdiction.

Once you have obtained a driver’s licence and registered your vehicle outside of Manitoba, send a copy of your new licence and vehicle registration documents and fill out this signed form requesting we cancel your driver’s licence and Autopac coverage.

Remember to include your current phone number, mailing address, your Manitoba driver’s licence number, or your Manitoba Public Insurance customer number to the Basic Autopac Special Services address above. You can also fax the information to Basic Autopac Special Services at 1-877-776-9060.

Once received, we will backdate the cancellation to the effective date of your documents. If the cancellation results in a refund, it will be mailed to you at the address you provided.

Keep the Transfer of Ownership Document (TOD) portion of your Manitoba registration as proof you own the vehicle.

See more information about cancelling a licence and cancelling a policy.

Please Note: While driving in other jurisdictions, you must obey the laws of those jurisdictions. The laws in other jurisdictions may entitle another person to sue you for injuries or property damage. Even though you may still have Autopac that includes third party liability coverage, it may not be adequate if you are sued. Ensure you have sufficient third-party liability coverage before leaving Manitoba