Insurance fraud

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Insurance fraud is far from a victimless crime – it costs us all. Auto insurance fraud totals about $50 million every year – that’s about $50 per year for every Manitoba Public Insurance ratepayer.

Fraud encompasses a wide range of activities to enrich the perpetrator at everyone’s expense. Manitoba Public Insurance works closely with law enforcement to combat auto insurance fraud and hold fraudsters accountable.

What you can do

Anyone with information about auto insurance fraud is encouraged to use our online tip form to report it, or call the confidential Manitoba Public Insurance TIPS Line: 204-985-8477 or toll-free 1-877-985-8477. All calls are anonymous.

Types of fraud

Some frauds may be elaborate and highly planned, such as staged collisions or intentional vehicle arson. However, fraud also includes such things as exaggerating personal injury, claiming income replacement indemnity when you’re able to work, claiming unrelated or pre-existing vehicle damage, or providing a false or misleading account of how a crash happened. The most common types of fraudulent claims involve vehicle fires, total thefts and, to a lesser degree, vandalism, partial theft and hit-and-run losses.

Committing auto insurance fraud can have serious consequences. In Manitoba, claims confirmed as fraudulent will result in termination of benefits, outright denial of insurance coverage, and possible criminal charges.

Special Investigation Unit

Our Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is dedicated to investigating suspicious claims and catching fraudsters in the act. In an average year, the SIU closes about 1,600 claim investigations. Some of these investigations result in criminal charges, others in suspicious claims being withdrawn, saving millions of dollars each year.

The SIU works closely with Manitoba Justice and with law enforcement agencies, including the RCMP and Winnipeg Police Service, to investigate fraud.

See our annual news release outlining some of the frauds we have uncovered in the past year.