Increasing Loss of Use

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If you rely on your vehicle daily, additional Loss of Use coverage can make your life easier. It covers the cost of replacement transportation if your vehicle can’t be driven, or is unsafe to drive, because it was stolen or damaged accidentally, regardless of fault. It is available for each claim you have where your vehicle is not driveable or needs repairs.

There are two Loss of Use options available:

  • Loss of Use Passenger Vehicle is useful for anyone who may need a replacement car, light truck or SUV if their vehicle is stolen or damaged accidentally. It allows you to rent a vehicle comparable to your current vehicle, subject to availability. This option provides coverage of $42/day plus tax (or $47.04 after tax) to a maximum of $1,260 plus tax (or $1,411.20 after tax).
  • Loss of Use – Motorcycle is only available to customers with a motorcycle or moped policy and is suitable for renting a motorcycle, moped or full-size vehicle. This option provides coverage of$118.80/day plus tax (or $135 after tax) to a maximum of $3,564 plus tax (or $4,050 after tax).

How it works

Your coverage starts when you do not have access to a driveable vehicle:

  • If your vehicle is damaged and driveable, coverage begins when you deliver your vehicle for repairs and ends when repairs are finished or you reach your coverage limit.
  • If your vehicle is damaged and undriveable, coverage begins immediately and ends when repairs are finished, your adjuster offers you a settlement for your vehicle or you reach your coverage limit.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. the day after you report to us or the police. Coverage ends when your vehicle is repaired, when you get your vehicle back undamaged or when you reach your coverage limit.

Coverage applies to rentals from a company whose business is renting vehicles. It does not apply to rentals from friends, family or other private persons. Some rental companies have age, credit card or driver-licensing requirements for renting their vehicles. You must still meet these requirements when renting a vehicle with a Loss of Use policy. Your Manitoba rental vehicle will have the same Basic insurance as any other Manitoba rental vehicle. You can buy Rental Vehicle Insurance or buy the extra insurance offered by the rental company. Your credit card may also offer insurance.

Coverage can also be used to pay for vehicle-for hire or bus fares.