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MPI is committed to safer roads. One of the ways we encourage safe driving is through the Driver Safety Rating (DSR) system, which recognizes safe driving behaviour in a fair and simple way.

Your position on the DSR scale depends on your driving record.

For policies that take effect April 1, 2022, or later, the scale contains 37 levels (up from 36). This includes a new Level 16, as well as increased vehicle premium discounts for levels 10-16. Safe driving has never been so rewarding!

Driving safely moves you up the scale, which saves you money – up to 37 per cent savings on vehicle premiums and up to an additional $30 savings on driver's licence premiums. Unsafe driving and at-fault claims move you down the scale. The highest-risk drivers pay up to a $3,000 premium on their driver's licence charge and receive no savings on their vehicle insurance.

Note that the driver premium is in addition to the $20 licence charge.

NOTE: For policies in effect prior to April 1, 2022, the DSR scale ranges from -20 to +15. (Vehicle premium discounts differ for levels + 10 to +15: Level 15 = 33 per cent; Level 14 = 30 per cent; Level 13 = 29 per cent; Level 12 = 28 per cent; Level 11 = 27 per cent and Level 10 = 26 per cent.)

How the scale works

Each year prior to your annual renewal, we’ll send you a notice showing where you are on the scale and what you owe for the next year. We adjust your level on the scale using your previous DSR level and your driving record from the past year.

Starting at the base level, each year of safe driving without any vehicle claims and driving convictions or suspensions will move you one level up the scale. This will save you even more on your driver's licence and vehicle premiums.

High-risk driving, including traffic convictions, at-fault claims or alcohol- or drug-related administrative suspensions, will move you down the scale. Moving down the scale means higher premiums.

If you're in the negative on the scale and you've had a history of high-risk driving, changing your driving behaviour will raise your DSR substantially. For example, a driver with an active licence who is at level -20 will move up the scale by seven levels for one year of safe driving.

DSR Calculator

Want to know how your driving behaviour affects your DSR? The Driver Safety Rating Calculator will show you.

Start by answering a few simple questions, and then spend some time finding out how common driving infractions will impact your DSR. Try out different scenarios and see how your driving behaviour affects the premiums you pay.

Impaired driving

Driving any vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs is dangerous and against the law. It can also have serious consequences for your DSR. See more information about the penalties for driving impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Distracted driving

Using a hand-operated electronic device, such as a cellphone, smartphone or tablet while driving, is dangerous and illegal. It also has serious consequences for your DSR. See more information about the penalties for distracted driving.