Cycling and sharing the road

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Give cyclists room to ride

Cyclists and drivers have the same rights to the road. Like drivers, cyclists on the roadway must obey all traffic control signs and devices. Cyclists must also travel in the same direction as traffic, positioning themselves along the right-hand curb of the road.

As drivers, it’s our responsibility to give cyclists the space they need to ride safely.

Drivers approaching a cyclist on the road must:

  • Reduce their speed and leave a safe following distance.
  • Pass at a safe distance (one metre between vehicle and cyclist).
  • Avoid using their horn.

Remember: teens and children on bicycles can be unpredictable – expect the unexpected and slow down.

Cycling hand signals

Cyclists may (and should) use hand signals to communicate with drivers and other road users. Below, you will find hand signals cyclists may use to communicate their intent to drivers.

Share the road

Cyclists are required to ride as close as practicable to the right-hand side of the road. However, they are also using their best judgment and may find it necessary to move closer to the middle of the lane.

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