Child car seat replacement

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If you are involved in a collision, you may need your child car or booster seat replaced. When you report a claim, be sure to state if there was a child car or booster seat in your vehicle at the time of the collision.

MPI will reimburse customers for a comparable replacement seat that meets Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Standards if:

  • A child was in the seat at the time of the collision.
  • The claim involved moderate to severe damage.

Moderate to severe damage may include:

  • Your vehicle was non-driveable due to the collision.
  • A driver or passenger was hurt in the collision.
  • Your vehicle’s airbag(s) deployed.
  • Your vehicle’s door nearest the seat was damaged (not including those placed in the middle of a back seat or in the trunk).
  • There is visible damage to the child car or booster seat.
  • Your claim is a total theft.
  • Your child car or booster seat is damaged by broken glass.

To be eligible for a reimbursement:

  • The seat being replaced must not be expired. Find out how to check the expiry date.
  • The damaged seat and proof of purchase of the replacement seat must be presented to MPI within 30 days of when the claim was reported. In Winnipeg, to dispose of your damaged seat, visit our Physical Damage Centre, Building B, located at 1981 Plessis Road. Outside Winnipeg, visit your local MPI Service Centre.

After your estimate is completed, if you are unsure if your car or booster seat needs to be replaced, feel free to discuss your concerns with your adjuster, who can help assess if the damage is moderate to severe. Likewise, your adjuster can help you determine eligibility if the seat is part of a travel system, and can help if you cannot visit us within 30 days.

You must bring your receipt for the new car or booster seat and the old seat to MPI for reimbursement, even if you participate in Direct Repair.

If the seat is eligible for replacement, we will issue the payment to you within two business days.