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Identification cards

Manitoba Public Insurance offers optional identification cards in addition to the Manitoba driver’s licence:

  1. The Manitoba Identification Card proves your identification, age and residency. It does not allow you to drive or cross the U.S. border by any means.
  2. The Manitoba Enhanced Identification Card (EIC) is a provincial identification card that can also be used to enter the U.S. by land and water*. It has all the same features of the EDL, except it‘s not a licence to drive.
  3. The Enhanced Driver’s Licence (EDL) offers the convenience of a driver’s licence and border-crossing document all in one. It’s a licence to drive that you can also use to cross the U.S border by land or water.*

The enhanced cards are more affordable than a passport, conveniently fit in your wallet and are made with advanced technology-based features. Both are valid for up to five years, depending on when you apply.

*A passport or other approved document is required to travel to the U.S. by air and to travel to other countries.

Required documents

You will need original supporting documents that prove your:

  • birth date
  • full legal name
  • signature (enhanced cards only)
  • photograph
  • Manitoba residency and permanent address (please note that two supporting documents are required and they must be dated within 90 days of the date of application)
  • Canadian citizenship (enhanced cards only)

These documents must be originals, not photocopies. Electronic scans of these documents will be kept on file by MPI.

If you cannot provide one of the acceptable documents to prove your photograph, signature (for enhanced cards) or residency, in exceptional cases the MPI Guarantor Declaration Form may be used as a supporting document for Manitoba residency if you only have one approved document with your address on it. You can download a copy of the Guarantor Declaration Form or you can ask an Autopac agent or MPI Service Centre representative to print the form for you.

How to apply

  1. Visit Which ID card is right for me? to determine which card meets your needs.
  2. Gather all the necessary original required documents to meet the application requirements.
  3. Take your documents to any Autopac agent or a MPI Service Centre and register as an MPI customer (if you are not already a customer). If you provide your Manitoba birth certificate to support your application, you will also be asked to consent, in writing, to MPI verifying your birth certificate information with the Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency.
  4. The agent will take your photograph (unless you are exempt on the basis of religious beliefs) and will capture your signature digitally. Please consult an Autopac agent or a MPI Service Centre representative if you require clarification on photo exemption rules.

If your application is approved, your card will be mailed to you within 10 business days. If you do not receive your card within 10 business days of your application, it is very important that you notify an Autopac agent or MPI. MPI will be able to determine if there is a possibility that your card has been stolen or lost in transit. If so, MPI will ask you to report this to police in order to protect your privacy.


You can apply for a non-enhanced Manitoba Identification Card if you:

  • are a Manitoba resident
  • are entitled to be in Canada
  • do not already hold a driver’s licence or Manitoba Enhanced Identification Card

You must be a Canadian citizen to apply for an Enhanced Identification Card or an Enhanced Driver’s Licence.

If you are under 18, your parents must co-sign your application.

If you have a valid Manitoba driver’s licence but want to replace it with a Manitoba Identification Card, you can go to an MPI Service Centre or any Autopac agent, surrender your driver’s licence, and apply for a Manitoba Identification Card for $10. If you are 65 and over, you can surrender your driver’s licence and obtain a Manitoba Identification Card for free.


The Manitoba Identification Card costs $20, including the photograph. (This fee may be waived under certain circumstances. See an Autopac agent for details.)

It’s good for up to five years and costs $20 to renew. A valid card may be replaced for $10 if it is lost, destroyed or damaged.

Fees for the Manitoba EDL or EIC:

  • For drivers: $30 (in addition to regular driver's licence fees)
  • For non-drivers: $50
  • Any Manitoba driver who holds an EIC may choose to trade it in for an EDL at no additional cost on a one-time only basis as part of their first driver’s licence renewal after January 10, 2010.
  • If you are 65 and over, you can choose to surrender your EDL and obtain an EIC at no charge.
  • These fees are non-refundable, even for cases when MPI refuses to issue a card or when the card is suspended or cancelled.
  • Renewals: The cost to renew your EDL or EIC will be the same as the original fee — $30 for drivers (in addition to regular driver’s licence fees) and $50 for non-drivers. An interview is required upon renewal.
  • Replacement of lost or stolen cards: As soon as you discover your card missing, visit your Autopac agent in person to report it and apply for a replacement card. Bring your police report, and there will be no charge for a replacement card. Otherwise, a $15 replacement fee will apply to lost or stolen cards with no police report.
  • Replacement for address or name change: A $15 replacement fee will also apply for name or address changes that have to be made to a person’s EDL or EIC.