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When you have a claim, it’s important to take your vehicle to an MPI accredited repair shop of your choice that is qualified to repair your vehicle.

Personal vehicles

Accredited shops have demonstrated that they meet stringent repair standards and have made the commitment to ensure they have the right training, tooling and equipment to complete proper and safe repairs.

Vehicle manufacturing is undergoing dramatic changes that are resulting in greater use of advanced technologies such as:

  • Complex materials, including aluminum, boron steel and carbon fibre.
  • Driver-assistance technologies, such as electronic stability control, forward collision warning systems and automatic emergency braking systems.

This rise in sophisticated materials and systems is making vehicle repairs more complicated and specialized, increasing the need for additional training, tooling and equipment to ensure proper repairs.

You can find an accredited repair shop that is qualified to repair your vehicle using our repair shop locator tool. Repairs to vehicles that require specialized repair processes, such as those with complex materials, may need to be completed by an Original Equipment Manufacturer certified or qualified facility.

To qualify for Manitoba Public Insurance accreditation, repair shops must meet or exceed industry standards in training, tooling and equipment. This includes participation in the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) Gold Class Professionals program.

The I-CAR Gold Class certification identifies that shop personnel have taken I-CAR training courses and are proficient in all phases of auto repair. We are proud of our partnership with I-CAR because it sets the standard for auto body repair that ensures passenger safety and cost-efficiency.

Commercial claims

Seeking out an accredited repair shop is also important when it comes to commercial claims. Manitoba Public Insurance has established a list of accredited commercial repair shops that are equipped to complete proper and safe repairs to commercial vehicles:

  • Big Rig Collision, Winnipeg
  • Brookside Autobody Ltd., Winnipeg
  • Champion Collision Centre Ltd., Winnipeg
  • Connexion Truck Centre, Winnipeg
  • Derrick's Sandblasting & Paint Ltd., Winnipeg
  • Eastside Collision Repairs Ltd (Inkster), Winnipeg
  • Eastside Collision Repairs Ltd (Marion), Winnipeg
  • Fairway Autobody & Glass (Fairway Ford Sales Ltd.), Steinbach
  • Fort Garry Fire Trucks Ltd, Winnipeg
  • Gerry Morris Autobody, Brandon
  • Maxim Truck Collision, Winnipeg
  • Morgan Motors Co. Ltd., Brandon
  • Penner International Inc., Steinbach
  • Penner Paint and Bodyworks Ltd., Blumenort
  • Peterbilt Manitoba Ltd., Winnipeg

If you choose to use a repairer not on this accredited list, please contact your adjuster for further instructions.