You can transfer your registration and insurance from one vehicle to another at any Autopac agent. You’ll either need new licence plates or a special sticker to put on your licence plates if the vehicles are in different registration classes.

For example, if you sell your car and purchase a truck for your gardening business, you’re changing the registration class of your vehicle. The registration class of a vehicle is on the front of a Vehicle Registration Card, at the top left.

When your replacement vehicle is in a different registration class, you must report the change to an Autopac agent before driving the vehicle. That’s when you’ll receive a new registration and a special sticker to put on your plates.

You can transfer the plates from your currently registered vehicle to your newly purchased vehicle when:

  • Both vehicles are in the same registration class.
  • You have sold, traded or scrapped the registered vehicle.

You have seven days from the day you disposed of your old vehicle to register the replacement vehicle with Manitoba Public Insurance. But remember, the coverage on your new vehicle is limited to what you carried on your old vehicle. Always check to make sure the maximum insured value (and declared value if applicable) from your old vehicle are sufficient for your new one.

During the seven-day transfer period, always carry documents in your vehicle showing the sale of your old vehicle and the purchase of its replacement. Remember, to bring all of your documents to your Autopac agent when you register.

Disposing of a vehicle

When you dispose of your vehicle and don’t replace it within seven days, you should see your Autopac agent to cancel your policy.

We calculate your refund for unused insurance and registration charges from the day you cancel your policy.

If we write off your vehicle, our staff can cancel your registration and insurance. Or, you can take a copy of the settlement form – called a “proof of loss” – to any Autopac agent. Remember, you can keep your current policy if you’re planning to replace the vehicle within seven days.

Keeping your vehicle if it’s a write-off may not make sense. Canada-wide rules prevent registration of write-offs with extensive structural damage.

Some write-offs can’t be registered again. Others may require an extensive (and expensive) rebuild before being registered again. Talk to your adjuster if you’re thinking about keeping your vehicle so you’ll be able to make an informed choice. For more information, contact Vehicle Standards and Inspections: inside Winnipeg call 204-985-0920 or outside Winnipeg call toll-free 1-866-323-0542.

Ways to pay

There are many payment options available. You can pay your whole amount due up front or pay in smaller instalments throughout the year.

  • Pay online with VISA, VISA Debit cards, MasterCard or Debit MasterCard cards. American Express and prepaid credit cards cannot be used. For more information on eligibility for online payments, see our help section.
  • Pay online or by telephone through your financial institution.
  • Pay in person, with cash, cheque, debit, VISA, MasterCard or using a digital wallet mobile device application (Google or Apple Pay) wherever Autopac is sold.
  • Pay by mail, with cheque or money order. When using this payment method, please write your customer number or driver’s licence number on the cheque or money order. If you have more than one policy, please also write the policy number to which you’re directing the payment on your cheque or money order. Please ensure you mail the payment early enough for us to receive it on time.

Payment options

There are three ways to pay:

Full payment. Paying your full amount due at an Autopac agent is your most economical option. There are no interest or service charges and you can pay by cash, cheque, debit, VISA or MasterCard. Make your full payment in person at your Autopac agent or Service Centre, online through (see more information about online payments), or through your financial institution.

Four-payment plan. Customers with annual or multi-year policies have the option of making four payments. You can pay:

  • in person at an Autopac agent or MPI Service Centre by cash, cheque, money order, debit or credit card
  • online at by credit
  • through your financial institution
  • by leaving post-dated cheques for each four-payment instalment with your broker

12 pre-authorized payments. You can spread out the cost of your premium over 12 automatic monthly payments through your bank account. Pre-authorized payments must be set up in person at an Autopac Agent or MPI Service Centre. You’ll need to bring one of these three things with you: a void cheque; a statement or passbook for your account, or a photocopy of either.

After the first month, you’ll have one monthly withdrawal. In the first month:

  • If your withdrawal date and your anniversary date differ, we’ll withdraw two payments from your account in the first month.
  • If your withdrawal date and anniversary date are the same, we’ll withdraw just one payment in the first month.
  • You’ll get a payment schedule of your withdrawal dates and amounts. It’s your responsibility to ensure your account has enough money to cover each withdrawal. Also, if your banking or credit card information changes, please report this to an Autopac agent immediately to avoid dishonoured payments.
  • You can also change your withdrawal date during your policy term. But, if you change your date, you may have two withdrawals within the first month after the change. Withdrawal dates cannot be more than 30 days apart. Ask an Autopac agent for details before you make this change.
  • Please remember, if you cancel a policy on the same day as one of your withdrawals, the full withdrawal will still occur. Cancelling your policy at least one day before your withdrawal date ensures any future withdrawals are either cancelled or adjusted. And remember, you may still owe money on the financing agreement after cancelling your policy.

Please note: If you are using 12 pre-authorized payments, your payment is set up to be automatically withdrawn and you are not eligible to make an online credit card payment for that item.

Earlybird renewals are a convenient way to not miss a payment if you are travelling outside the province for extended periods and may be away when it’s time to renew. An Autopac agent can help you make special arrangements to be sure that your Autopac coverage continues while you’re away.

Making an online payment

Paying online at is a quick and convenient option to make a payment anytime with your VISA or MasterCard.

You can also pay online or by telephone through your financial institution – simply contact them to set up this service for you. Please use your customer number (found on your statement of account) as your account number. If you can’t locate your customer number, an Autopac agent can help you.

You can use the online payment option if you are making a full payment in a reassessment year .

If you’re on the four-payment plan, you can also make an online payment for any of your four instalments in a reassessment year, or for your 2nd, 3rd and 4th payments in a renewal year, providing they are due within the next 45 days.

Motorcycles and ORVs

If you have your policy application processed prior to the riding season but choose to defer paying your premium until the first day of the riding season, you are eligible to make your payment electronically.

Who is not eligible?

The initial payment on new policy applications, renewals or policy re-activations must still be made in person at an Autopac agent. Mid-term changes or vehicle transfers do not qualify for online payments.

If you have received a renewal notice, you must visit an Autopac agent or Service Centre to review your coverage and renew your Autopac before it lapses.

Online payments are not available for customers on the 12-payment plan.

If you have a reassessment payment restriction on your account, you are not eligible to make an e-payment for your first payment instalment. For more information about your payment restriction, see the letter attached to your annual statement of account.

Don’t miss your due date

Make your online payment two to three days in advance of your due date to ensure it is processed in time. This will prevent the risk of late fees being applied, which may occur if the payment is processed after the due date. (Manitoba Public Insurance will reverse the $20 late fee if you bring a copy of your receipt that includes a reference number and time of remittance, or proof of payment from your financial institution (with a time stamp indicating payment was made before midnight on the due date) to an Autopac agent.)

Interest, penalties and other costs

  • Interest charges and an administrative fee are built into your pre-authorized monthly payments. The interest depends on current rates and the total amount being financed, which is your insurance premium plus your vehicle registration fee. The total interest and the $4 annual administration fee (per policy, per year) are divided evenly over all your payments.
  • NSF charges. We will charge you a $20 penalty for each cheque we can’t cash. This includes NSF cheques, unsigned cheques and incorrectly dated cheques.
  • Late payments. A penalty of $20 (on each insured vehicle) will apply for every late payment under the four-payment plan, and for each defaulted instalment under the 12-payment plan. Payments due on a Sunday or a statutory holiday can be paid on the next business day without penalty.

Missed payments

Missing a payment may lead to your registration and insurance being suspended. Serious consequences can result from driving a vehicle with suspended registration and insurance. You’re responsible for paying all of your instalments on time. We take action right away if we don’t receive a payment from you on time, if one of your monthly payments defaults or if we can’t cash your cheque. We’ll send you a notice warning you that we’ll suspend your insurance coverage and/or your driver’s licence if we don’t receive your payment. Even if you haven’t received a notice from us, Section 92 of The Drivers and Vehicle Act gives us the right to suspend your insurance and/or driver’s licence when you haven’t paid on time.

If we suspend your insurance and/or driver’s licence because you’ve missed a payment, you can’t pay by instalments until your next anniversary day. If you’re suspended for a second missed payment within three years, you can’t pay by instalments until one year after your next anniversary day.

When to pay

Each year, we’ll notify you by mail, telling you when your payments are due. If you’ve moved, remember to change your address at an Autopac agent immediately to help ensure you receive your payment reminders. If you don’t receive your statement, it’s still up to you to keep track of your due dates and to pay on time.

Four payments

If you’re on the four-payment plan, your payments are due in a 2-5-8 pattern, as follows:

First payment:

on your anniversary day

Second payment:

2 months after your anniversary day

Third payment:

5 months after your anniversary day

Fourth and final payment for the year:

8 months after your anniversary day

Your anniversary day is the day four months after your birthday.

12 payments

If you’re on the 12-payment plan, you pick the automatic withdrawal date when you set up the agreement. We’ll then take the payment by direct withdrawal on the same day each month – in equal instalments.

If you mail your payment, please note that you’re responsible if it arrives late or doesn’t arrive at all. Make sure you send the cheque a few weeks ahead of time to avoid late fees, as we must receive the cheque on or before the date it’s due.

Motorcycle, snowmobile and ORV coverage

You can pay for your motorcycle, snowmobile and off-road vehicle (ORV) coverage in full with cash, cheque, debit, VISA or MasterCard when you apply. You have the option of deferring the insurance portion of your payment until the start of the riding season, and you can also finance your premiums by paying monthly during the season of use.

Riding seasons are:

Snowmobiles: Dec. 1 to Mar. 31
Motorcycles and ORVs: May 1 to Sept. 30
ATVs: Jan. 1 to Dec. 31

If you choose to defer paying your premium until the start of the riding season, you can pay in person at an Autopac agent, with VISA or MasterCard at, or through your financial institution.

Please remember: a delay of a few business days may occur from the time you make an online or telephone payment to when we receive it. You’ll need to make your payment early enough to ensure we get it on time.

Before you move

Check the vehicle registration and insurance, and the driver licensing rules in your new jurisdiction, even if your vehicle stays in Manitoba.

You may have to register and insure your vehicle and/or obtain a driver’s licence shortly after you arrive. It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with the rules in your new jurisdiction.

Request for Claims Experience and Driver Abstract

Your new insurer may ask you for a written record of your claims experience and/or driver abstract in Manitoba. Please see information on Driver Abstracts and Claims Experience Letters.

Claims Experience letter

It contains a history of any at-fault claims made to Manitoba Public Insurance within the last 10 years. Out-of-province jurisdictions use it to consider a reduction in insurance premiums. The cost is $15.

To arrange for a claims experience letter using a VISA or MasterCard credit card, call our Contact Centre at 204-985-7000 or toll free 1-800-665-2410. You can also visit a Manitoba Public Insurance Service Centre in person to request and receive your letter, or mail in your payment (certified cheque or money order) to:

Manitoba Public Insurance

Basic Autopac Services

510-234 Donald Street

PO Box 6300

Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A4

Driver Abstract

It contains information on the driver’s record including any driving convictions, suspensions, cancellations, at-fault accidents, or prohibitions. This letter is usually requested by employers for new employees to check their conviction history. The cost is $10.

To arrange for a driver abstract, visit an Autopac agent to complete a request, or visit a Manitoba Public Insurance Service Centre in person to complete a request and receive your abstract.

You can also complete the form online and fax your request and credit card payment information to 204-985-8105, toll free at 1-866-317-3267, or mail your request and payment (certified cheque, money order, or credit card information) to:

Manitoba Public Insurance

Driver Record and Suspensions

PO Box 6300

Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A4

Your Autopac coverage ends when

  • You are required by law to register your vehicle in your new jurisdiction, or
  • You register your vehicle in your new jurisdiction, or
  • Your Autopac coverage expires or you’re suspended for nonpayment.

Your Manitoba Driver’s Licence and Autopac Coverage

If you are in a reassessment year or are paying by 12 or 4 payments, you must continue your payments unless you cancel your driver’s licence and/or policy. Simply stopping payment with your financial institution or not paying an installment does not cancel your registration and insurance or driver’s licence.

This may result in the suspension of your driving privileges in Manitoba and potentially your driver’s licence in your new jurisdiction.

Once you have obtained a driver’s licence and registered your vehicle outside of Manitoba, send a copy of your new licence and vehicle registration documents and fill out this signed form requesting we cancel your driver’s licence and Autopac coverage.

Remember to include your current phone number, mailing address, your Manitoba driver’s licence number, or your Manitoba Public Insurance customer number to the Basic Autopac Special Services address above. You can also fax the information to Basic Autopac Special Services at 1-877-776-9060.

Once received, we will backdate the cancellation to the effective date of your documents. If the cancellation results in a refund, it will be mailed to you at the address you provided.

Keep the Transfer of Ownership Document (TOD) portion of your Manitoba registration as proof you own the vehicle.

See more information about cancelling a licence and cancelling a policy.

Please Note: While driving in other jurisdictions, you must obey the laws of those jurisdictions. The laws in other jurisdictions may entitle another person to sue you for injuries or property damage. Even though you may still have Autopac that includes third party liability coverage, it may not be adequate if you are sued. Ensure you have sufficient third-party liability coverage before leaving Manitoba

View a printable version of this information.

It’s up to you to cancel your Autopac coverage when you don’t want it or need it any more. If you don’t need your insurance anymore, you must go to an Autopac agent and cancel it. Otherwise, your coverage continues until it’s suspended for non-payment.

How to cancel

Cancellation must be in writing. The best way is to take your licence plates to an Autopac agent and complete a cancellation application. You can also keep the plates and use them again when you reapply for coverage. You’ll also get a receipt immediately for the cancellation.

If you are taking your vehicle off the road temporarily, you can switch over to Autopac Lay-up coverage.

Cancel your registration and Autopac insurance when:

  • you dispose of your vehicle and do not replace it within seven days
  • you move away from Manitoba

If you move and register your vehicle outside Manitoba, cancellation of your Manitoba registration/insurance doesn’t automatically happen. To cancel, mail a photocopy of your new vehicle registration documents and include a letter, with your signature, asking us to cancel your Autopac insurance. Mail to:

Manitoba Public Insurance
Basic Autopac Special Services
510-234 Donald Street
Box 6300 Winnipeg, MB
R3C 4A4

You can also fax your cancellation request toll-free to 1-877-776-9060.

See how to cancel your driver’s licence.


We calculate policy refunds or credits using what’s called “short-rating” – a standard practice in the insurance industry. This may mean your refund is less than you expect.

Here’s what short-rating means and why insurers use it. Insurance policies are priced annually, with the fixed costs of writing the policy (like agents’ commissions) spread over their full term.

Your Autopac policy is priced annually, and will be in effect for one to five years (depending on the insurance and registration class).

When someone cancels a policy early, the fixed costs are spread over a shorter period than intended. That makes them higher on a daily basis. For example, $100 of fixed costs spread over 100 days are $1 per day. Spread over 50 days, this doubles to $2 a day.

Short-rating makes sure that those who cancel early cover the costs of the insurance they’ve used.

Your refund is calculated using a formula that factors in the amount of policy premium and the time left until your next anniversary day. You can ask your Autopac agent for details of your refund calculation.

There are no refunds on flat-fee premiums, such as for off-road vehicles, snow vehicles and trailers valued under $2,500.

Also, short-rate cancellation applies when transferring Autopac road coverage to Lay-up coverage.

Selling a vehicle

When you are privately selling your vehicle, in addition to cancelling your insurance, you and the buyer must fill out the Transfer of Ownership document, you must provide a bill of sale (ideally create copies for yourself and for the buyer) and the buyer requires a valid Certificate of Inspection. See more information on registration.

Open a Claim