If you need to rent or borrow a vehicle, it’s a good idea to think about the insurance protection you’ll need. Rental Vehicle Insurance from Manitoba Public Insurance provides better coverage at a substantially lower cost than most rental companies.

Renting can be risky

There’s more to renting a vehicle than you might think. Driving an unfamiliar vehicle in a strange place can make a collision more likely. Without the right insurance, you could wind up paying for damages and injuries from your own pocket. The financial risks of renting outside Manitoba are significant:

  • First, others involved in a collision may claim against you. You could wind up with a huge bill for injuries to others and for damage to their property.
  • Second, you’re personally responsible for damage to the vehicle you rent, whether or not you’re at fault. Most rental companies also charge “down-time” to compensate them for the time the vehicle is off the road being fixed or replaced.
  • Finally, if your first rental vehicle is out of action because of a collision, you may need to rent another one at your own cost.

Coverage details

  • Covers rented or borrowed private passenger vehicles, light trucks, motorcycles and mopeds in Canada or the United States.
  • Up to $10 million for claims others may make against you.
  • Up to $100,000 for damage to vehicles rented outside Manitoba.
  • Daily allowances payable to you to rent a replacement vehicle and to cover “down-time” charges assessed to you by the rental company (subject to daily limits).
  • Cost is based on where you rent, but you’re covered anywhere you drive in Canada or the United States – check with the rental company before taking their vehicle outside the province or state where you’ve rented it.
  • Coverage periods from three to 90 days are available.
  • $200 deductible (the amount you pay) on damage to the rental vehicle.
  • Fast, friendly and familiar Autopac claim service should you become involved in a collision.

As a Manitoban you are covered by the Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) if you are hurt in a collision while driving the rental vehicle.

Save money

Save up to $25 each day with Rental Vehicle Insurance compared to coverage from the rental company. The rate for Rental Vehicle Insurance is based on where the vehicle is rented, not where it is driven and you can drive the vehicle anywhere in Canada or the United States. For example, a customer who rents a vehicle in Winnipeg to drive to California pays the Manitoba rate, not the United States rate.

Manitoba rate – $3 per day

Canada rate – $6 per day

United States rate – $8 per day

A $15 policy fee and a minimum of three days of premium apply to each Rental Vehicle Insurance policy. Check our Rate Calculator for an estimate.

Who can buy

Rental Vehicle Insurance is only available to permanent or temporary Manitoba residents with a valid driver’s licence.

  • Applicants must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Any applicant under the age of 18 years must have a parent or legal guardian co-sign the application form.
  • The Rental Vehicle Insurance policy and the rental agreement must both be in the name of the same person.

Who’s covered

Rental Vehicle Insurance covers you (the policyholder) and any other driver, provided the driver has your permission to drive the vehicle and is qualified or authorized by law to operate the vehicle. If the operator is not a Manitoba resident, they must be qualified or authorized by law in the jurisdiction where they reside.

With our Rental Vehicle Insurance, you don’t have to list all of your drivers. If you’ve bought our Rental Vehicle Insurance in your name, anyone driving the vehicle with your consent and with a valid driver’s licence is covered. However, the rental company may require you to list all your other drivers as part of their rental agreement.


  • Rental Vehicle Insurance covers rented or borrowed cars, light trucks, passenger vans, motorcycles, mopeds and SUVs. A valid motorcycle licence is required to operate a motorcycle. Rental Vehicle Insurance doesn’t provide coverage for rented off-road vehicles, trailers, motorhomes, heavy trucks or buses.
  • You must not use the rental vehicle for business deliveries.
  • If you’ve bought Rental Vehicle Insurance under your name, make sure you rent the vehicle under your name too.
  • If you need to keep your rental vehicle longer than planned, you cannot extend your RVI policy and will need to buy a new policy. You can make arrangements with your broker over the phone and they will fax you a copy of the new policy. The new policy must be concurrent to the first one, and payment must be made immediately by Visa or MasterCard.
  • If you need to make a claim for damage on a vehicle you’ve rented, do so in the same way you would if you are involved in a collision with your own vehicle. Contact us to report your claim. Have your rental agreement and rental vehicle insurance policy on-hand when you call.
  • Make sure you tell the rental company you have made a claim and that you have Rental Vehicle Insurance. If they do bill you, send the bill to the adjuster handling your claim.

For rentals in Manitoba

When renting or borrowing a vehicle that’s registered and insured in Manitoba, that vehicle’s Basic Autopac insurance covers you if you have a valid driver’s licence and you’re driving with the rental company or vehicle owner’s permission.

For this reason, you’re only responsible for the Basic deductible, which is $750 for policies with an effective date of April 1, 2021, or later. Buying Rental Vehicle Insurance lowers your deductible to $200.

Rental companies can claim against you for lost revenue if their vehicle is damaged and unavailable for rental. You could also face claims from others whose property you’ve damaged or for injuries you’ve caused that exceed the liability insurance on the rental vehicle. Rental Vehicle Insurance protects you against these financial risks too.

Other coverage options

Rental Vehicle Insurance from Manitoba Public Insurance is your best choice, but other options are available:

  • Rental Company Collision Damage Waivers (CDWs) or Loss Damage Waivers (LDWs): The cost is usually higher than Rental Vehicle Insurance.
  • Credit card coverage: Some credit cards automatically cover rental vehicles. Check with your credit card company to confirm if you have coverage and how it works. Coverage is usually less comprehensive than Rental Vehicle Insurance and specific restrictions normally apply.
  • Your own Autopac coverage: A $1 million, $2 million, $5 million, $7 million or $10 million third-party liability coverage option transfers to a rented or borrowed vehicle. Transfer of third-party liability coverage to another vehicle is only effective for 30 days. This coverage doesn’t protect you against claims from the rental company for damage to their rental vehicle or for down-time. In the United States, it may not protect you fully against claims from other motorists. Therefore, it’s best not to rely on this coverage when renting or borrowing a vehicle in the United States.

If you need more information on Rental Vehicle Insurance, an Autopac agent will be happy to help you.

The Collector Vehicle Program (CVP) is an option designed to meet the needs of Manitobans who own eligible collector vehicles. The program provides superior year-round insurance coverage and reflects the infrequent use of collector vehicles and the extraordinary care and maintenance owners provide for them.

To be eligible for the CVP, a vehicle must be:

  • a passenger vehicle, light truck (gross vehicle weight of 4,540 kgs or less) or motorcycle, which has a valid safety Certificate of Inspection to confirm it meets, at time of inspection, basic standards for operation in Manitoba. Read more details here.
  • used for ‘Pleasure’ only under Basic Autopac (i.e., not used for regular commuting)
  • at least 25 years old
  • maintained at a value of at least $5,000 for passenger vehicles and light trucks or over $4,000 for motorcycles

The program offers Basic all-perils insurance protection throughout the year, with the convenience of not having to switch to Lay-Up or another insurance product in the winter months. Basic Autopac provides more comprehensive coverage and greater protection than Lay-Up coverage.

All customers who participate in the CVP will obtain a unique collector licence plate.

Because motorcycles already benefit from this kind of year-round insurance coverage, motorcycle owners participating in the CVP will not see any change to their insurance coverage or premiums.

Is it right for me?

There are a variety of benefits to insuring your vehicle with the CVP, including:

  • Basic Autopac coverage, including $750 deductible, $500,000 third-party liability and $70,000 maximum insured value
  • Options to lower your deductible ($500, $300, $200 Standard and $200 Plus)
  • Options to increase your third-party liability ($1 million, $2 million, $5 million, $7 million or $10 million)
  • Excess Value coverage options for high-value vehicles
  • Loss of Use options

As part of your enrolment, Basic Autopac and any purchased insurance options are provided year-round. That means there’s never any need to switch to Lay-Up coverage in the winter months, resulting in fewer trips to your Autopac agent’s office. Vehicle registration will also be provided year-round and registration charges will not be seasonally rated – enabling you to take your vehicle for a spin regardless of the season.

With the CVP, owners of eligible cars and light trucks can choose how their insurance works. In some cases, purchasing a combination of Lay-Up and Basic Autopac may result in less expensive premiums, although Lay-Up does not provide all-perils coverage. For example, the following chart shows the various options available for a 1969 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350*, using non-current premium cost examples for illustration purposes:

Insurance Type

Insurance Premium Cost Example*

Visits to Agent

Distinctive Collector Plate

Year-Round Road Coverage

Year-Round Third Party Liability

Collector Use
One Year






Pleasure Use
One Year






Pleasure Use
Six Months and
Lay-Up – Six Months






* Premium examples are not current and are for illustration purposes only. Does not include registration fees, plate fee or short-rate cancellation fees that may be applicable.

How do I join the CVP?

Please read and follow these instructions carefully or your entry into the CVP may be delayed:

Step 1) Qualify your vehicle

Fill out the Collector Vehicle Qualification Form (for passenger vehicles and/or light trucks only) and contact a Manitoba Association of Automobile Clubs (MAAC) CVP qualifier directly to arrange an appointment to present your vehicle.

(Note: If you are the owner of a motorcycle, you are not required to fill out the Collector Vehicle Qualification Form. Please proceed directly to Step 2, where you will simply self-declare its value.)

MAAC, with its broad base of support from the collector vehicle owner community and the wide-reaching network of car clubs under its umbrella, is ideally suited to assist Manitoba Public Insurance with ensuring that vehicles meet the program criteria.

You may also choose to qualify your vehicle through Manitoba Public Insurance. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 204-985-7000 or toll free at 1-800-665-2410.

Step 2) Purchase your insurance and receive your CVP plate

You must visit your local Autopac agent or Service Centre to join the Collector Vehicle Program. This step cannot be done via email, standard mail or fax. Remember to bring your approved Collector Vehicle Qualification Form (passenger vehicles and light trucks).

Once you have submitted your form in person, your Autopac agent or a MPI Service Centre representative will provide you with your new collector plate.

Cancelling your CVP policy

You may cancel a CVP policy during the riding season and receive a refund for any unused portion. Please also note that if you choose to leave the CVP, you will be able to retain your CVP licence plate. However, you may have to re-qualify your vehicle should you later decide to re-join the program.

If you intend to give a collector licence plate as a gift, the registered owner must be part of the CVP with the designated vehicle.

Appeal process

If you disagree with a decision made by MAAC or Manitoba Public Insurance relating to eligibility for the CVP, you can file an appeal and provide your substantiated information by writing to:

Manitoba Public Insurance
Registrar of Motor Vehicles
c/o Collector Vehicle Program Appeal
PO Box 6300
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 4A4

Know your options?

We’ve made improvements to deductibles, Third Party Liability and Max Insured Value coverages.

Your deductible

The deductible is the amount you pay as part of an Autopac claim. Your insurance covers the rest.

Your deductible applies to:

Personalized protection

Choose coverage and payment options that best suit you.

The basic deductible for private passenger vehicles is $750. A $750 deductible means you pay less for your annual insurance. For those drivers with a low incident risk, saving more on insurance might be a higher priority.

For drivers wanting minimum expense in the case of an Autopac claim, lower deductible levels of $500, $300 and $200 Standard or $200 Plus are available. (Yes, there is now two $200 deductible options!)

Know your options. See the comparison chart below to see what you would pay per claim type based on your deductible option.

For more information, visit your Autopac agent today.

In addition to commercial coverage options, our Special Risk Extension (SRE) options include some non-commercial extension products.

Sound equipment

If your aftermarket sound or communications equipment exceeds $1,000 in value, consider purchasing additional coverage to protect your investment. Aftermarket equipment is equipment you had installed after you purchased the vehicle, not factory installed items.

Keep in mind the equipment covered under this policy must be permanently mounted in your vehicle. Some restrictions apply.

Income replacement

Income Replacement Indemnity (IRI) Extension coverage protects income beyond $115,000 (in 2024/25), up to a chosen limit, that is lost because of a disabling injury. This coverage adds to the IRI coverage all Manitobans have through the Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP).

You should consider it if you earn more than $115,000 annually and don’t have other disability insurance – through your work, for example.

IRI Extension allows you to extend your maximum limit on gross yearly income beyond the limit under PIPP. Like PIPP, it covers 90 per cent of your net income, with a seven-day waiting period. Compensation is based on proven lost income, just as it is under PIPP.

IRI Extension adds protection in two other areas affected by gross yearly income:

  • Fatality payments: IRI Extension coverage will mean higher payments to your spouse, common-law partner or if you’re a single parent, your dependants, if you’re killed in an auto accident. These payments are calculated using your extended IRI coverage, rather than PIPP’s limit.
  • Retirement Income Benefit: If you qualify for a Retirement Income Benefit, your payments may be greater because the calculation uses your extended IRI coverage rather than PIPP’s limit.

You can buy in increments of $10,000. The cost is $20 per increment, with a minimum policy premium of $50. You can buy up to $200,000 over the PIPP limit. However, remember: your income replacement is still based on actual income you’ve lost.

New vehicle protection

If your new vehicle is written off, Basic Autopac will cover the cost of the vehicle’s actual cash value, or its value after depreciation. That means you could be left with a vehicle loan for more than your vehicle’s value or you’ll have to spend more money to replace the new vehicle you just purchased.

With New Vehicle Protection insurance, which covers new and late-model used vehicles, the full purchase price of your vehicle is protected, including an allowance for inflation. So if your new vehicle is in a collision and you need to replace it, you won’t have to spend more money towards the purchase.

For brand new vehicles, coverage protects you for two years. For late-model used vehicles, the coverage lasts until the vehicle is two-model-years-old.

Once coverage expires, you cannot buy this coverage again unless you buy another new vehicle.


With New Vehicle Protection, the insured value includes the purchase price of your vehicle, accessories, pre-delivery inspection and sales tax, plus an allowance for inflation. The value is calculated using your bill of sale.

When you purchase your new vehicle, make sure the seller/dealer includes all accessories and options on your bill of sale, including taxes, fees and trade-in value. Only accessories and options listed on your bill of sale are covered. Any accessories or options not listed on the bill of sale or added after purchase are not included in your vehicle’s insured value.

With New Vehicle Protection, these items are not covered:

  • any GST you paid (but you’ll get a GST credit when you buy a replacement vehicle)
  • any amount you still owe on your trade-in
  • any amount you paid for warranties, insurance or service contracts
  • any rebates, cashbacks or dealer incentives

If your vehicle is worth more than $70,000, you’ll also want to purchase Excess Value Coverage. Ask your Autopac agent for details.

Motorcycle and moped customers should contact their Autopac agent to ensure they qualify for full coverage.

What qualifies?

Most privately owned, new and late-model cars, SUVs, light trucks, motorcycles, mopeds and motor homes qualify. The vehicle must be either brand new or, a used vehicle no older than one-model-year. Vehicles used commercially, except for vehicles for hire, are not eligible. Talk to your Autopac agent to see if your vehicle qualifies.

For brand new vehicles, you have 60 days to buy New Vehicle Protection from when you first register and insure the vehicle. For used vehicles, you have 60 days from the date you buy the vehicle.


You can buy New Vehicle Protection when you purchase Basic Autopac coverage for the vehicle. Bring your bill of sale to any Autopac agent and the agent will confirm your purchase price and sale date.

Leased vehicle protection

If your leased vehicle is written off, Basic Autopac will cover the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of loss. However, most leased vehicles are legally owned by the dealership or leasing company, so if it is written off, you personally won’t receive any financial compensation.

Leased Vehicle Protection covers your down payment and/or trade-in allowance. For brand-new vehicles, it protects you for two years. For late-model used vehicles, the coverage lasts until the vehicle is two-years-old.

After the term expires, you cannot buy this coverage again unless you lease another vehicle.

What qualifies?

Most leased, new and late-model cars, SUVs, light trucks, motorcycles, mopeds and motor homes qualify. The vehicle must be either brand new or, if used, no older than one model year. Vehicles used commercially, except for vehicles for hire, are not eligible. Talk to your Autopac agent to see if your vehicle qualifies.

For brand-new leased vehicles, you have 60 days to buy Leased Vehicle Protection from when you first register and insure the vehicle. For used vehicles, you have 60 days from when your lease starts.


You can buy Leased Vehicle Protection when you purchase your Basic Autopac coverage for the leased vehicle. Bring your lease agreement to any Autopac agent and the agent will confirm the amount of your down payment and/or trade-in allowance.

Protection for motorcycles

There are some differences in coverage for motorcycles. Basic Autopac coverage for passenger vehicles includes all-perils coverage, however Basic Autopac for motorcycles and mopeds is limited to collision and upset protection. New Vehicle Protection and Leased Vehicle Protection are dependent on the other Autopac coverage you have on your motorcycle.

  • If your motorcycle is insured with Basic Autopac only: New or Leased Vehicle Protection will only apply if the motorcycle is written off in a collision or by upset.
  • If your motorcycle is insured with Basic Autopac and comprehensive motorcycle coverage: New or Leased Vehicle Protection will apply if the motorcycle is written off in the event of a collision, upset or other loss resulting from a peril covered by your comprehensive insurance.

New Vehicle Protection or Leased Vehicle Protection are not a replacement for comprehensive coverage. Contact an Autopac agent to ensure your motorcycle qualifies for full coverage.

Basic Autopac all perils coverage for motorcycles and mopeds is limited to collision and upset protection up to the declared value, to a maximum of $70,000 including taxes.

Motorcycle Extension provides you with a number of coverage options including protection against fire, theft, and vandalism. Some restrictions may apply. Special situations may require application through Special Risk Extension (SRE). Ask an Autopac agent for details.

Motorcycle Extension provides these benefits:

  • Increased third-party liability: Basic third-party liability coverage insures you up to $500,000. Autopac options are available to increase your third party-liability protection up to $10 million. For more information see Increased Third Party Liability Limits.
  • Collision coverage: For collision coverage, you can keep your Basic $750 deductible or choose a $500, $300 or $200 deductible option. The $300 and $200 options reduce to nil for collision with an animal.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive coverage options provide protection from accidental losses including fire, theft or windstorm. You can choose a $200 or $500 deductible. With this coverage you do not have to pay the deductible if your motorcycle is stolen. If you have the $200 deductible, your deductible reduces to nil if your motorcycle is vandalized.

You can buy comprehensive and collision coverage together or separately.

Other coverages

If your motorcycle is essential to your business or daily life, you should consider buying additional Loss of Use coverage to make sure you’re never left without a vehicle.

If your motorcycle is worth more than $70,000 consider getting Excess Value Coverage.

New and Leased Vehicle Protection are available for new and late-model motorcycles.

If your vehicle is in a collision with another vehicle or a property, you can be legally responsible for damage or injuries others claim against you – even if you weren’t driving at the time. Basic third-party liability coverage insures you up to $500,000 for those claims that are made against you.

Why should I consider increasing my third-party liability coverage?

We head out to Lake of the Woods almost every weekend. Additional TL coverage gives me peace of mind that my family and I are protected outside of Manitoba

If you are in a collision outside of Manitoba, claim costs can add up. For Manitobans who often leave the province, even for one-day or weekend trips, we recommend you consider increasing your coverage. You can get Autopac coverage to increase your third-party liability protection to $1 million, $2million, $5 million, $7 million or $10 million.

You can also get higher liability limits through Special Risk Extension coverage.

Know your options. Talk to an Autopac agent to learn more.

Note that third-party liability coverage can be denied in certain situations, such as impaired driving. See more information.

If you rely on your vehicle daily, additional Loss of Use coverage can make your life easier. It covers the cost of replacement transportation if your vehicle can’t be driven, or is unsafe to drive, because it was stolen or damaged accidentally, regardless of fault. It is available for each claim you have where your vehicle is not driveable or needs repairs.

There are two Loss of Use options available:

  • Loss of Use Passenger Vehicle is useful for anyone who may need a replacement car, light truck or SUV if their vehicle is stolen or damaged accidentally. It allows you to rent a vehicle comparable to your current vehicle, subject to availability. This option provides coverage of $42/day plus tax (or $47.04 after tax) to a maximum of $1,260 plus tax (or $1,411.20 after tax).
  • Loss of Use – Motorcycle is only available to customers with a motorcycle or moped policy and is suitable for renting a motorcycle, moped or full-size vehicle. This option provides coverage of$118.80/day plus tax (or $135 after tax) to a maximum of $3,564 plus tax (or $4,050 after tax).

How it works

Your coverage starts when you do not have access to a driveable vehicle:

  • If your vehicle is damaged and driveable, coverage begins when you deliver your vehicle for repairs and ends when repairs are finished or you reach your coverage limit.
  • If your vehicle is damaged and undriveable, coverage begins immediately and ends when repairs are finished, your adjuster offers you a settlement for your vehicle or you reach your coverage limit.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. the day after you report to us or the police. Coverage ends when your vehicle is repaired, when you get your vehicle back undamaged or when you reach your coverage limit.

Coverage applies to rentals from a company whose business is renting vehicles. It does not apply to rentals from friends, family or other private persons. Some rental companies have age, credit card or driver-licensing requirements for renting their vehicles. You must still meet these requirements when renting a vehicle with a Loss of Use policy. Your Manitoba rental vehicle will have the same Basic insurance as any other Manitoba rental vehicle. You can buy Rental Vehicle Insurance or buy the extra insurance offered by the rental company. Your credit card may also offer insurance.

Coverage can also be used to pay for vehicle-for hire or bus fares.

Maximum insured value is the maximum limit payable under Basic Autopac for loss or damage to a vehicle. The Basic maximum insured value for a passenger vehicle, truck, or truck tractor is $70,000, including taxes (for policies with an effective date of April 1, 2021, or later).

Customers with vehicles valued over the maximum insured value may wish to purchase Excess Value coverage to ensure they are reimbursed for the actual cash value, should an insurable loss occur.

If Excess Value coverage is purchased, the maximum insured value is increased to the new limit purchased. Excess value coverage is not a guaranteed value. The value of the claim is limited to the actual cash value up to the amount purchased.

Certain types of vehicles are eligible for Excess Value coverage options. See an Autopac agent for details.

Your off-road vehicle (ORV) presents financial risks different from your automobile.

Your injuries

Registering your ORV doesn’t automatically give you injury coverage. If you cause a collision, you will not receive coverage for your own injuries. If you’re in a collision and the other driver is at fault, you may claim against the other driver’s third-party liability insurance and, in some cases, your underinsured motorist coverage.

This is often not enough and could leave you having to pay for any costs from medical treatments, disability, permanent impairment and more if you or a family member were injured while riding. The Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP), which covers automobile injuries, covers ORV riders in one situation only – if the ORV collides with a moving car, truck, or other motor vehicle that must be registered for road use.

Manitoba Health will cover some of your expenses if you are injured in an ORV accident, however, it doesn’t cover lost income if you can’t work, intensive rehabilitation, or special medical equipment you may need. You may have disability coverage through employment or your own insurance policy, but it may not cover you in all situations.

Also, if someone hits you who doesn’t have insurance, you would have to sue them to recover any injury costs resulting from the collision.

Claims against you

If you cause an injury or damage property while operating your ORV, you can be sued. With your registration you have $500,000 third-party liability protection. However, that may not be enough to cover you against a serious claim. Covering the claim yourself could result in financial hardship.

Your own machine

When you register your ORV, you do not automatically get coverage for damage to your machine or for theft. Could you afford to lose your machine without any compensation?

Autopac options

There are several Autopac options you can buy to protect yourself, your family and your ORV. (ORVs that race, even recreationally, are not eligible for insurance other than Basic third-party liability and registration.)

Accident Benefits

Accident benefits help cover injury costs resulting from disability, medical treatment and rehabilitation and are paid regardless of who is at fault.

Accident benefits covers the policyholder and any other drivers or passengers riding on the ORV for injuries or death from:

  • operating or riding on any ORV, including colliding with something
  • getting on or off any ORV
  • being run over or struck down by any ORV

To be covered, others operating your ORV must have your permission. If you are operating someone else’s ORV you must have the owner’s permission. If you’re riding outside Manitoba (but within Canada or the United States), others operating your ORV and their passengers must also be Manitoba residents.

Third-Party Liability Plus

Our Third-Party Liability Plus coverage offers two-way liability protection against:

  • claims someone makes against you for property damage or injuries
  • other ORV operators who don’t have enough insurance to cover your injury claim

Remember: if you injure others – including your passengers – or damage their property, they can sue you.

Choose from:

  • Third-Party Liability at $500,000, for ORVs not requiring registration
  • Extended Third-Party Liability at $1,000,000, $2,000,000 and $5,000,000

Each Third-Party Liability Plus option includes the same amount of underinsured motorist protection.

Collision protection

  • Covers collision damage to your ORV.
  • Choose either a $200 or $500 deductible.

Your Autopac Agent may need to inspect your ORV before you can buy collision coverage. If you are buying collision coverage for a new ORV, you won’t need an inspection if you purchase coverage within three business days of taking delivery from the dealer. If you bought the machine from another person and that person had the same or better collision coverage than you are buying, you won’t have to have the ORV inspected if you purchase the coverage within three business days.

Comprehensive protection

  • Covers damage to your ORV from causes other than collision, such as, fire, theft, vandalism and hail.
  • Choose either a $200 or $500 deductible.

Ask your Autopac agent for more details. Some restrictions apply on buying this coverage. Special risk situations may require a separate application.

Seasonal rating

For your convenience, insurance options for ORVs can be purchased with your Basic Autopac coverage. Premiums are based on the period when your ORV is typically in use – your actual riding season – rather than the whole year.

The riding seasons for ORVs are as follows:


Dec. 1 to Mar. 31

ORV Motorcycles:

May 1 to Sept. 30


Jan. 1 to Dec. 31

The riding season is defined as four months for snowmobiles and five months for ORV motorcycles. Because ATVs can be used throughout the year, the riding season is set over 12 months.

When purchasing Extension coverage for your off-road vehicle, there are a number of payment options.

  • Full payment means the annual premium is due on the day the ORV is insured.
  • Deferred payment means that you won’t pay the premiums until the ‘riding season’ begins. For example, if you purchase extension coverage for your snowmobile in June, payment of your premium can be deferred until Dec. 1. If you choose financing, the majority of the premium plus interest will be withdrawn in equal monthly installments during the riding season.

Remember, with ORV Extension coverage, you have protection throughout the year, even though your premium is paid over the shorter period.

Cancellation and refunds on these extension products are done on a daily pro-rata basis within the riding season. For example, if you cancel extension coverage on your snowmobile on Feb. 28, your refund will be based on the unused period Mar. 1 to 31. If you cancel after the end of the riding season, you won’t get any money back since the entire premium will have been earned during the season of use.

When you take your vehicle off the road for an extended period – putting it away for the winter, for example – you could just keep your registration and road coverage.

But switching to Lay-Up coverage may save you money. Talk to your Autopac agent.


Lay-Up covers accidental loss or damage – such as fire, theft and vandalism, hail and lightning – excluding road use. It doesn’t cover:

  • collision damage
  • claims others make against you
  • vehicles stored outside Manitoba
  • vehicles stored on public roadways
  • any damage caused while operating the vehicle including your own collision damage or damage you may cause to another person’s vehicle (a vehicle under Lay-Up a policy should not be operated at any time)

Lay-Up coverage protects your vehicle up to $70,000 (including taxes). You can insure the amount beyond $70,000 with our Excess Value Coverage.

How it works

If you’re taking your vehicle off the road, visit an Autopac agent and switch your Autopac road coverage over to Autopac Lay-Up coverage. Please remember that short rate cancellation fees apply when transferring from road coverage. You keep your licence plate, but neither your plate nor your insurance is valid for driving.

Your Autopac policy then continues on its yearly cycle but now under Lay-Up coverage. Unless you switch back to road coverage, it will expire when your road coverage would normally expire.

You can switch back to road coverage any time by reactivating your registration through your Autopac agent. This automatically cancels your Lay-Up coverage.

Any time you switch back and forth between Autopac road coverage and Lay-Up coverage, you may be entitled to a credit. If you like, we can automatically apply that credit toward any premium you owe for your new coverage – whether it’s road coverage or Lay-Up coverage.

Cars, motorhomes, light trucks and heavy farm or fishing trucks qualify. If your vehicle doesn’t qualify but you still need Lay-Up coverage, please ask your agent for special risk Lay-Up coverage. If you’re storing a collector vehicle, you may want to consider all-year insurance protection through the Collector Vehicle Program (CVP).

The cost of Lay-Up coverage depends on your vehicle. Ask your Autopac agent or visit our Insurance Rate Calculator for a quote.

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