Vehicle Modifications

Modifications and after-market accessories must meet specific standards. Below are basic guidelines on certain vehicle modifications and aftermarket accessories.

For more information on standards, please consult the Vehicle Equipment, Safety and Inspection Regulation or contact Vehicle Standards and Inspections at 204-985-0920 or toll-free at 1-866-323-0542.



Novelty licence plate

Novelty licence plates are permitted if the required plate is also displayed. The novelty plate cannot be confused as being a required licence plate or a plate that has been issued by a licensing authority.


Bumpers are required on all passenger vehicles. They must be a minimum of 76 mm in height and the horizontal centre must be between 355-560 mm above the road surface.

Vehicle ride height

Passenger vehicles must be within the ride height specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. Contact Vehicle Standards and Inspections for details on ride height alterations for trucks.

Head lamp/tail lamp covers

Head lamp and tail lamp covers are not permitted.

Under-vehicle lighting

Under-vehicle lighting is not permitted.

Aftermarket hood scoop/air intakes

Hood scoops and air intakes are permitted provided they do not interfere with or obstruct the driver's vision.


Mufflers are required on all vehicles. Aftermarket mufflers must perform in a manner like that of the muffler from the vehicle's original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Cutouts, bypass devices or anything else that reduces the effectiveness of the muffler and exhaust system are not permitted.


Headers are permitted provided the rest of the exhaust system is intact and functional.

Aftermarket steering wheel

Aftermarket steering wheels are permitted provided they are not less than 350 mm in diameter.

Shift handle (manual transmission)

Aftermarket shift handles are permitted provided the vehicle's shift pattern is visible to the driver.

Aftermarket seat belt/shoulder harness assemblies

Aftermarket seat belt/harness assemblies are permitted provided the original seat belt assemblies are still present.

Aftermarket lamp assemblies

Aftermarket lamp assemblies are permitted provided they bear all the required markings to verify compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements.


Tires must be of a type approved for road use. Racing slicks are not permitted. Tires cannot extend outside of the body of the vehicle. The width of a front tire must be at least 60 per cent the width of a rear tire. All tires must have DOT or national safety markings.

Catalytic converter

Must be present on any vehicle manufactured after Jan. 1, 1995.

Coloured lights

All lights must be the colour required by federal regulation. Head lamps must be white, tail lamps must be red and brake lamps must be red.

Off-road/oversize driving lamps

Permitted only if they are fitted with an opaque cover when the vehicle is being operated on a roadway.