Amateur Radio Operator Plates

An amateur radio operator is a person licensed to operate a short wave radio on frequencies known as the 'amateur bands'. These bands are reserved for amateur radio operators, and they are located at intervals from above the AM broadcast band to the high microwave frequencies.

Canadian amateur radio operators can communicate with other amateur radio operators across Canada and around the world. The operators can provide backup emergency communications to render aid in the event of a natural disaster.

In order to gain access to the amateur radio bands, an amateur radio operator must obtain an Amateur Radio Operator Certificate from Industry Canada. The operator is issued a call sign, which is used to identify the radio station.

A certified amateur radio operator can obtain an Amateur Radio Operator licence plate that bears the operator's call sign. Canadian call signs normally have a prefix consisting of two letters followed by a number, followed by a two or three letter suffix.

The call signs vary in each province or territory. In Manitoba, the amateur radio operators' call signs and licence plates begin 'VE4' or 'VA4' (e.g. VE4 XXX, VA4 XXX).


The cost of the plates is $26.25 per vehicle

What vehicles qualify

Amateur Radio Operator licence plates are available for cars, non-commercial trucks, farm trucks and motorhomes.

How to apply

Complete the application form or visit an Autopac agent or Service Centre.

Need more information?

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