Winnipeg Blue Bombers Licence Plates

Additional Winnipeg Blue Bombers licence plates are now available to football fans across the province.

The 2,500 additional plates continue the second Winnipeg Blue Bomber plate series which debuted in 2012. The plates feature a distinctive gold background, and display the club’s helmet logo: the iconic, white W with blue trim.

The plates will set your vehicle apart and are a must-have for every die hard football fan.

Where can I get the plates?

Fans can visit any Autopac agent to purchase their plates.


The cost of the plates is $70 per vehicle, with $30 from every sale going directly to the Winnipeg Football Club.

What vehicles qualify

All passenger vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, mopeds and farm trucks qualify. Commercial trucks and all other non-passenger vehicles do not qualify.

Is this a limited edition plate?

This is not a limited edition plate. A total of 5,000 plates were initially made available and 2,500 additional plates are now released.

I already own the limited edition plates that were released in 2011. Do I need to purchase new ones?

Fans who purchased one of the 8,100 limited edition plates don't need to worry – those plates still remain valid.

However, fans that already own the limited edition plates are still eligible to purchase the new plates.

I already own Winnipeg Jets plates. Can I use these new Blue Bombers plates during football season, then switch them out for my Jets plates during the winter months?

Yes. Fans can change the plates in between seasons at no extra charge. That means you can use your Blue Bombers plates during football season and your Jets plates during hockey season.

However, because the plate numbers on the front and rear of your vehicle must match at all times, you will not be allowed to use the Blue Bombers plate and the Jets plate simultaneously (i.e. you cannot have a Jets plate on the front of your vehicle and a Bombers plate on the rear).

You will also need to visit your Autopac agent to assign the plate to your vehicle registration certificate (at no additional expense).

These same guidelines apply for fans that own both sets of Bombers plates.

Use them with your vehicle(s) or as a keepsake

If you are the registered owner of one or more vehicles that qualify, you can apply for Blue Bombers licence plates for all of them. Only one set of plates will be issued per vehicle.

Customers wanting to use the plates as a souvenir keepsake can still purchase them at a cost of $70.

Can the Blue Bombers plates be personalized?

No – Similar to other specialty licence plates, the Blue Bombers plates are a pre-established set of letters and numbers.

Need more information?

For specific questions about Winnipeg Blue Bombers Licence Plates, you can reach us at:

  • 204-985-7000 (in Winnipeg)
  • 1-800-665-2410 (toll-free outside Winnipeg)

Or you can simply visit your nearest Autopac agent.