Snoman Licence Plates

Ride safe – with a Snoman specialty licence plate! This is your chance to celebrate Snoman’s dedication to safe and environmentally responsible snowmobile trails.

Where can I get the plates?

Simply visit any of Manitoba’s 300 Autopac locations to purchase and receive your plates. The plates will be available on Nov. 3.


The plate costs $70 per vehicle, with $30 from every sale going to Variety, the Children’s Charity. Variety enables children to participate more fully in life’s activities and provides funds for adapted equipment so that children can run as well as walk, play hockey instead of watching TV and “read” computers even though they may be blind.

What vehicles qualify?

All passenger vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans and farm trucks qualify for Snoman licence plates. Snowmobiles, commercial trucks, motorcycles, mopeds and all other non-passenger vehicles do not qualify.

I already own a different specialty licence plate. Can I still purchase the new Snoman plates?

Yes. Motorists who own a different specialty licence plate (such as the Bombers or Jets) are still eligible to purchase the new Snoman plates. You can even change the plates in between seasons at no extra charge!

However, because the plate numbers on the front and rear of your vehicle must match at all times, you will not be allowed to use the Snoman plate and different specialty plate simultaneously (i.e., you cannot have a Snoman plate on the front of your vehicle and a Bombers plate on the rear).

Use them with your vehicle(s) or as a keepsake

If you are the registered owner of one or more vehicles that qualify, you can apply for Snoman licence plates for all of them. Only one set of plates will be issued per vehicle.

Customers wanting to use the plates as a souvenir keepsake can purchase them at a cost of $70.

Can the Snowman plates be personalized?

No. Similar to other specialty licence plates, Snoman plates are a pre-established set of letters and numbers.

Need more information?

For specific questions about Snoman licence plates, you can reach us at:

  • 204-985-7000 (in Winnipeg)
  • 1-800-665-2410 (toll-free outside Winnipeg)

Or you can simply visit your nearest Autopac agent.