Design features

All specialty licence plates in Manitoba must conform to a standard design in order to meet vehicle registration and law enforcement needs and considerations throughout North America. They do, however, offer an opportunity to promote the unique ‘look and feel’ for your organization.

The following plate design requirements must be met:

  • All artwork, images, slogans, and intellectual property used for proposed plate designs and samples must be owned or appropriately licensed by the sponsoring organization. It is the requesting organization’s responsibility to obtain these licences prior to submitting a completed application.
  • No infringement or violation of any property right will result from use of the name, logo or graphic design.
  • Plate design must designate Manitoba as vehicle registration jurisdiction.
  • Plate design must be unique to the designated specialty plate program to protect the marketability of existing programs.
  • The plate design cannot contain any profane, sexually suggestive, racial or alcohol/drug-related words, phrases or innuendoes that may be considered offensive or suggestive, or political messages of any description, in any language.
  • Plate design must be endorsed by local law enforcement agencies and satisfy law enforcement technologies (photo radar, automated licence plate readers) before being deemed final.

The time to implement a plate can vary, depending on the plate design approval process and timing of the program launch.

Design Features for Manitoba Specialty Licence Plate Program