Firefighter Licence Plates

Manitoba firefighters are relied on to protect and safeguard communities across the province. It's time to salute your service.

Putting your own safety at risk, you protect lives, property and the environment. Whether you serve as a career, paid on-call, volunteer or First Nations firefighter, we're recognizing your bravery by offering you a unique licence plate.

This distinct plate recognizes your important contribution to our province.

Who qualifies for Firefighter Licence Plates

You qualify if you are currently or are retired from being a:

  • career firefighter
  • paid on-call firefighter
  • volunteer firefighter
  • First Nations firefighter

Immediate family (spouses, common-law partners, dependents and parents) of current, retired or fallen firefighters also qualify.


The cost of the plates is $70 per vehicle, with $30 from every sale going towards the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Fund and the Manitoba Fallen Firefighters Fund.

What vehicles qualify

All passenger vehicles such as cars, sport utility vehicles, trucks, vans, farm trucks, motorcycles and mopeds qualify for these plates. For Winnipeg firefighters, your badge number can appear on a passenger vehicle plate. Due to space limitations, this option is not available for motorcycle and moped plates.

Use them with your vehicle(s) or as a keepsake

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are the registered owner of one or more vehicles that qualify, you can apply for a Firefighter Licence Plate for all of them. Only one set of plates will be issued per vehicle.

Or, if you don’t own any vehicles, you can still apply for one set of these licence plates as a keepsake.

You cannot transfer your plates to someone else.

How to apply

Complete the application form.

Career firefighters

  • For Winnipeg career firefighters and immediate families, please forward the completed application form to your union president for signature and endorsement.
  • For career firefighters outside of Winnipeg and immediate families, please have your fire chief endorse your application form.

Paid on-call, volunteer and First Nation firefighters

  • For paid on-call, volunteer and First Nations firefighters and immediate families, please have your fire chief sign and endorse your application form.

Note: Firefighters must sign the application form to verify that the family member is eligible, while family members of a fallen firefighter simply need to specify the firefighter's name.

Once signed, mail your application form and payment of $70 to the Manitoba Public Insurance address shown on the application form.

You’ll receive yours by mail with a set of instructions on how to activate them.

If you have already received and lost your Firefighter Licence Plate(s), you can apply for a replacement set by writing to Manitoba Public Insurance at the address below.

Need more information?

For specific questions about Firefighter Licence Plates, you can reach us at:

  • 204-985-7000 (in Winnipeg)
  • 1-800-665-2410 (toll-free outside Winnipeg)
  • Write to:

    Manitoba Public Insurance
    Personalized Licence Plates
    Box 6300
    Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A4

    Or you can simply visit your nearest Autopac agent.