Fish Futures Trailer Licence Plates

Fish Futures Licence PlateAvid fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts and all Manitoba drivers with a trailer can show their appreciation for the great outdoors with a Fish Futures specialty trailer licence plate.

Where can I get the plates?

The trailer plates can be purchased at any Autopac agent.


The cost of the trailer plates is $70 per trailer, with $30 from every sale going to Fish Futures Inc. – a non-profit Corporation dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of freshwater fisheries through sponsorship, development and encouragement of research projects. Fish Futures is also involved with habitat preservation, enhancement and management programs and public education.

What vehicles qualify?

All utility trailers qualify for Fish Futures trailer plates. Passenger vehicles, farm trucks, commercial trucks, motorcycles and mopeds do not qualify.

Use them with your trailer(s) or as a keepsake

If you are the registered owner of one or more trailers that qualify, you can apply for Fish Futures trailer plates for all of them. Only one plate will be issued per eligible trailer.

Customers wanting to use the plates as a souvenir keepsake can still purchase them at a cost of $70.

Can the Fish Futures trailer plates be personalized?

No - similar to other specialty licence plates, the Fish Futures trailer plates are a pre-established set of letters and numbers.

Need more information?

For specific questions about Fish Futures trailer licence plates, you can reach us at:

  • 204-985-7000 (in Winnipeg)
  • 1-800-665-2410 (toll-free outside Winnipeg)

Or you can simply visit your nearest Autopac agent.