Purchasing a vehicle from a dealer

When you buy a used vehicle from an authorized dealer in Manitoba, you must purchase Autopac coverage before you drive the vehicle. Dealers must give buyers:

  • A bill of sale signed by the seller and the purchaser with the year, make, model and serial number of the vehicle, the purchase price and the purchase date.
  • A completed Transfer of Ownership Document (TOD).
  • A new Certificate of Inspection (COI), which identifies the condition of safety equipment.
  • All information pertaining to a vehicle's history.

When you buy a brand new vehicle, the dealer must give you a New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) which is like a birth certificate. The NVIS verifies exactly what vehicle you've bought, who manufactured it, and which dealer sold it to you. If your brand new vehicle has a NVIS, you don't require a TOD or COI to register or insure it.

Dealers are required under Manitoba law to disclose information pertaining to a vehicle's history. For more information, please read this important tip sheet from the Consumer Protection Office.