Drive Your Career Choice

Get training in one of Canada’s most promising industries

If you want a career as a professional truck driver, you need special skills, experience and knowledge. Training can be expensive. The Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program can help.

We offer qualified candidates:

Classroom instruction

240 to 320 hours of driver training depending on the student to instructor ratio (80 hours in the classroom, 40 hours of lab instruction and 120 hours of in-cab training) from an approved Class 1 driving school.

Your tuition is paid for by the program. Students will learn about driving skills, planning trips, handling cargo, customer service, administrative duties, vehicle maintenance and how to comply with various laws, regulations, policies and standards.

100% tuition funding for the driving school training for qualified candidates

On-the-job training and mentoring

Three months of paid, supervised on-the-job training from a qualified coach at a participating trucking company, and six months of mentoring from an experienced employee at a participating trucking firm.

At the end of your training you’ll get a certificate saying you’ve been trained to national occupational standards developed by the trucking industry.

Full time employment

At the end of the program, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to operate independently.

Who should apply

Anyone who wants a more rewarding career, is just entering the workforce or is looking for a second career after retirement should consider professional truck driving.

Manitoba’s trucking industry needs new drivers for good-paying positions. You could be one of them!

Click here for application form and tuition funding agreement.

Employment opportunities continue to grow

Approximately 425 trucking companies are headquartered in Manitoba. The provincial trucking industry generates $1.47 billion a year and directly and indirectly employs 4.6 per cent of the Manitoba labour force. Professional truck drivers are in serious demand in our province.