About the Program

As a trucking company operating in Manitoba, you already know that finding qualified professional Class 1 drivers can be a challenge.

That’s why we’re introducing the Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program. We want to help you meet the increasing demand for qualified drivers by training a new generation of entry level Class 1 drivers to national standards.

Here’s how it works

  • Contact the Program Administrator to apply. Once you have been approved, your company will be listed as a participating SRE customer, and you can begin sponsoring candidates.
  • Candidate applications will be screened by the program administrator. Once a candidate’s application has been approved, he or she will begin contacting the participating SRE customers.
  • You review your potential candidate’s application package as an added information tool during your screening process.
  • You select the candidate(s) you wish to sponsor for their on-the-job training and employment.
  • We cover the cost of your candidate’s instruction at a program approved driving school.
  • The trainee commits to at least two years of driving service.
  • Once he or she has completed the program, you get a professional driver who is trained to national standards and the specific needs of your firm.

The Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program was developed and funded by Manitoba Public Insurance, and created with input from members of the local trucking industry and the Manitoba Trucking Association.

Manitoba Public Insurance is dedicated to supporting our SRE customers and the Manitoba trucking industry.

The Program

The key to the program’s success is a comprehensive four-stage training and employment process. This combination of intensive training, employer on-the-job training and mentoring has proven effective in developing professional drivers.

Stage One: Driving School Instruction

Trainees receive 240 to 320 hours of classroom, in-lab and in-cab instruction depending on the instructor to student ratio from an approved driving school, including:

  • 80 hours of classroom instruction
  • 40 hours of in-lab instruction – a minimum of 20 hours of pre-trip inspection and air brake instruction and 20 hours of observation
  • 120 hours of in-cab instruction — a minimum 60 hours behind the wheel and 60 hours of observation

At this stage, the candidate will receive a certificate of completion, possess basic knowledge and will be able to perform under supervision or with some assistance.

Manitoba Public Insurance provides tuition funding for this portion of the program for qualified candidates.

The driver is now ready for on-the-job training.

Stage Two: On-the-job Training

As a trainee sponsor, your firm provides a minimum of 240 hours of one-on-one on-the-job training behind the wheel and paid employment to the trainee over a three month period.

At this stage, the candidate will be able to perform tasks competently and independently most of the time.

Stage Three: On-the-job Mentoring

Next, your firm provides the trainee with an additional six months of mentoring and paid employment.

Once this component of the program is completed, the candidate receives the Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program certificate.

The driver is now job ready.

Stage Four: Employment

By this time the trainee will have the skills to operate independently and the knowledge of your company to work productively. He or she will complete the remaining 15 months of the program with your firm.

If the trainee does not complete the full two-year term (stages two, three and four) with an SRE Customer, he or she is obligated to re-pay the tuition fees.