Transportation Packages

We offer a full range of products to suit your needs, including a variety of deductible, coverage, and liability limit options. Purchasing these coverages also entitles your company, at no additional cost, to the full benefits of our comprehensive fleet safety program.

Available coverages include Third Party Liability, Cargo Liability, and General Liability for truckers.

Third Party Liability coverage protects you from:

  • Property damage claims others make against you for damaging their property
  • Public liability claims non-residents of Manitoba make against you for bodily injury, including such things as pain and suffering, loss of income and future earnings. You can increase your Third Party Liability limits as high as $10, $20, or even $30 million (CDN.) With court awards increasing in other provinces and in the United States, we strongly recommend you protect the interests of your transportation business through this additional coverage.

Cargo Liability for truckers protects you, the carrier, in the event of damaged or stolen freight. This coverage is available for owned or non-owned cargo.

General Liability for truckers provides commercial general and property liability coverage for the transportation operations of the Insured, completing your commercial vehicle package. Coverage selection is also available so you can custom design your insurance plan.

We also handle your Canadian and US filing as needed. We file the required papers with jurisdictional authorities on your behalf.

Please seek the professional advice of your insurance broker when purchasing your transportation package.