Garage Automobile Policy

Garage policies provide varying levels of coverage for physical damage to owned vehicles, Legal Liability physical damage for customers' vehicles, and Third Party Liability.

These coverages are available to the following types of businesses:

  • Automobile Dealer and Repair Garage - primarily engaged in selling and repairing automobiles and motorcycles
  • Implement or Off-Road Dealer - primarily engaged in selling or repairing farm implements or off-road vehicles
  • Automobile Repair Garage - primarily engaged in repairing automobiles and motorcycles
  • Automobile Service Station - a public gasoline or oil supply station and/or a public service station providing the services of:
  • washing, filling and lubrication, battery, ignition, spring and tire repairs but no engine or body repairs
  • the selling or servicing of incidental automobile parts and accessories, including the calling for and delivery of customers' automobiles
  • an automatic car wash
  • Automobile Storage Garage - primarily engaged in the business of storing, parking, washing and cleaning automobiles
  • Automobile Open Air Parking Lot - primarily engaged in storing, parking, washing, calling for and delivery of customers' automobiles

Please contact your insurance broker for further information.