Buying Back A Claim

Depending on the circumstances, you may choose to “buy back” your claim if you have a collision for which you were 50 per cent or more responsible. A buy back is like undoing your claim by reimbursing Manitoba Public Insurance for the percentage of the claim for which you were responsible. For example, if you were 75 per cent responsible for the collision, you would reimburse Manitoba Public Insurance 75 per cent of the money we paid for repairing your vehicle and other vehicles and property damaged in the collision, and for injuries resulting from the collision.

People buy back their claims for several reasons:

  • to keep their vehicle premium and driver’s licence premium discounts
  • to avoid additional driver’s licence premiums
  • to maintain a claim-free record before moving out of the province

Not all claims can be bought back. To buy back a claim or confirm your claim is eligible, contact your adjuster.