Trailer Vehicle Body Styles

A "Trailer" is a vehicle that is not self-propelled but is towed by a motor vehicle. It is designed for carrying goods. It includes a farm trailer, but does not include agricultural equipment. It must be mobile and capable of being towed on its own wheels by a motor vehicle without significant modification or cost. A trailer vehicle type includes a body style for cabin or house trailers, which includes (but is not limited to) travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Gooseneck Trailer

A "Gooseneck" trailer hooks up to a truck via either an in-bed or a chassis-mounted 5th wheel hitch, which is somewhat similar to a semi-trailer hook up. They are referred to as "Gooseneck" trailers because of the gooseneck design of the trailer's tongue.

House or Cabin Trailer

A "House or Cabin Trailer" is the body style of a trailer used as a mobile home, mobile industrial or commercial structure, or a travel trailer. Tent trailers are not house or cabin trailers.


A "Semi-Trailer" is a trailer constructed so that its weight and the weight of its load are carried partly upon an axle of the truck tractor towing it and partly upon an axle of the trailer. It is equipped with the upper half of a fifth wheel. Semi-trailers are not insured under Basic Insurance, but must be licensed every two years (e.g. March 1, 2005 to February 28, 2007). A pup trailer, single or double axle, with or without a steering axle, when attached to a semi-trailer unit as a train, requires a semi-trailer plate.

Tent Trailer

A "Tent Trailer" is a movable structure built on its own chassis having a rigid or canvas top and side walls which may be folded for travel. It is designed as a temporary accommodation for travel, recreational, or vacation use.

Tow Dolly

A "Tow Dolly" is a trailer designed to carry one axle of a motor vehicle to tow that motor vehicle behind another motor vehicle. The most common application of a tow dolly is a recreational vehicle, motorhome, pickup truck and camper, towing a small passenger vehicle. One axle of the motor vehicle in tow is mounted on the tow dolly, which in turn is hitched to the towing vehicle. Tow dollies must meet the requirements of The Highway Traffic Act for safety equipment (i.e. lights, brakes, and connections).

Utility Trailer

A "Utility Trailer" is a body style for a trailer used for any cargo-bearing purposes not defined elsewhere.

Pre-Fabricated Mobile Homes

Pre-fabricated mobile homes are not considered trailers as they do not meet the various registration requirements of the Highway Traffic Act or Drivers and Vehicles Act, and are therefore not eligible for Autopac.