Moped and Mobility Vehicle Body Styles

Mobility Vehicle

A "Mobility Vehicle" is manufactured or modified for operation by a physically handicapped person. It has a maximum speed capability of more than 15 km per hour, but not more than 50 km per hour. Mobility vehicles may be equipped with either gas or electric motors. There is no limit on piston displacement on vehicles equipped with gas motors, as long as the vehicles cannot go faster than 50 km per hour.

Moped diagrams


A "Moped" is a motor vehicle that:

  • has two tandem wheels or three wheels, each of which has a minimum diameter of 250 mm (10 inches),
  • has a seat or saddle having a minimum unladen height of 650 mm, when measured from the ground level to the top of the forward most part of the seat or saddle,
  • is capable of being driven by pedals only, motor only, or by both pedals and motor; and
  • the motor has a piston displacement of not more than 50 cubic centimetres, or is an electric motor neither of which allows the moped to go faster than 50 km per hour.