Miscellaneous Body Styles

Driveaway Unit

"Driveaway Unit" means a combination of a motor vehicle that moves on its own motive power and one or more vehicles that are:

  • entirely carried;
  • pulled in such a manner that all of the wheels of the vehicles are on the highway; or
  • partly towed and partly carried.

The term "Driveaway Unit" also includes the motor vehicle that moves on its own motive power even when it is not in combination with other vehicles.

In order to obtain this variable plate, the insured must have a valid driveaway operation. The plate itself is transferable from one vehicle to another (similar to a Dealer Plate).

These units must be unladen (i.e. the only goods which can be carried are the units themselves which are part of the driveaway unit).

Snow Vehicle (HTA)

A "Snow Vehicle" is a vehicle that has a gross vehicle weight exceeding 454 kg and:

  • is not equipped with wheels, but in place thereof is equipped with tractor treads alone or with tractor treads and skis, or with skis and a propeller, or it is a toboggan equipped with tractor treads or a propeller;
  • is designed primarily for operating over snow or ice, and it is used primarily for that purpose; and
  • is designed to be self-propelled.

A snow vehicle is driven on highways; therefore, it must be equipped in the manner in which a motor vehicle is required, under The Highway Traffic Act.


A "Tractor" is a self-propelled vehicle that is designed primarily for traction. It does not carry any load other than the driver. The class does not include a truck tractor, special mobile machine, or a farm tractor as defined by The Highway Traffic Act. Tractors must be registered, but are not insured under Basic Autopac.