Seasonal Rating for ORV's

For your convenience, optional products for Off-Road Vehicles can be purchased in conjunction with your Basic Autopac coverage. As well, your premiums are based on the period when your ORV is in use—your actual riding season—rather than the whole year.

The riding seasons established for ORVs are as follows:


Dec. 1 to Mar. 31

ORV Motorcycles:

May 1 to Sept. 30


Jan. 1 to Dec. 31

The riding season is defined as four months for snowmobiles and five months for ORV motorcycles. Because ATVs can be used throughout the year, the riding season is set over 12 months.

When purchasing extension coverage for your off-road vehicle, you won't pay the premiums until the 'riding season' begins. For example, if you purchase an extension product for your snowmobile in June, payment of your premium is deferred until Dec. 1. At that time, you can either pay the premium in full, or finance it by monthly withdrawal from a bank account. If you choose financing, the premium plus interest will be withdrawn in equal monthly installments during the riding season.

Remember, with ORV extension coverage, you have protection throughout the year, even though your premium is earned and paid for over the shorter period.

Cancellation and refunds on these extension products are done on a daily pro-rata basis within the riding season. For example, if you cancel extension coverage on your snowmobile on Feb. 28, your refund will be based on the unused period Mar. 1 to 31. If you cancel after the end of the riding season, you won't get any money back since the entire premium will have been earned during the season of use.