Off-Road Extension Insurance

Your ORV presents two financial risks different from your automobile.

First, Personal Injury Protection (PIPP) doesn’t cover ORV accidents unless your ORV collides with a moving car, truck or other motor vehicle that must be registered for road use. That’s why optional Accident Benefits coverage through Manitoba Public Insurance is so important for you and your passengers.

Second, others can sue you if your ORV injures them in Manitoba — unlike your automobile. That means buying extra third party liability coverage is a wise choice.

We offer affordable extra protection for you and your ORV.

Accident Benefits

  • Helps cover injury costs resulting from disability, medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Covers operators of your ORV and passengers riding on it
  • Pays the same benefits regardless of fault

    NOTE: Accident Benefits coverage outside of Manitoba extends to the Insured, and any passenger who is a resident of Manitoba. Alternate operators and their passengers, if residents of Manitoba, are also covered.

Third Party Liability Plus

  • Protects you against claims others make against you for property damage or injuries
  • Protects you if other ORV operators don't have enough liability insurance to cover your injury claim
  • Choose from three levels of coverage: $1 million, $2 million and $5 million

Collision protection*

  • Covers collision damage to your ORV
  • Choose either a $200 or $500 deductible

*Your Autopac Agent may need to inspect your ORV before you can buy this coverage.

Comprehensive protection

  • Covers damage to your ORV from causes other than collision, such as, fire, theft, vandalism and hail
  • Choose either a $200 or $500 deductible

Ask your Autopac agent for more details.

Some restrictions apply on buying this coverage. Special risk situations may require a separate application.

NOTE: ORVs that race even recreationally are not eligible for insurance other than Basic Third Party Liability and registration.

With all our ORV coverage, you renew on the same schedule as the rest of your Autopac. Your coverage begins as soon as you apply, but you don’t pay until the start of the riding season. And even though you only pay premium during the ORV riding season, your coverage lasts year round.

Here are the riding seasons for snowmobiles, ORV motorcycles and ATVs:

Snowmobiles: December 1 to March 31
ORV motorcycles: May 1 to September 30
ATVs: January 1 to December 31


I only pay for my snowmobile insurance during the winter months. If there is enough snow to ride before the season starts, would I have coverage?
Your ORV coverage is available all year, not just during the riding season. That way, you don’t have to worry about insurance for the rest of the time you’re not using your machine. If you do use it outside the riding season, there is coverage.
What happens if someone on another snowmobile hits me when I'm riding and they don't have any insurance?
If the person who hits you doesn’t have insurance, you would have to sue them in Court to recover any injury costs resulting from the collision. However, if you have purchased Accident Benefits coverage, injury benefits will be paid regardless of fault.
If I'm injured in an ORV accident, what kind of coverage do I have?
Manitoba Health will cover some of your expenses if you are injured in an accident, however, it doesn’t cover lost income if you can’t work, intensive rehabilitation, or special medical equipment you may need. You may have disability coverage through employment or your own insurance policy, but it may not cover you in certain situations. Check your policy carefully.

Our Accident Benefits coverage for ORVs may be your best bet. It covers you and your family for medical expenses and disability if you’re injured. And you’ll get the same benefits whether or not you were at fault for the accident.
I bought a brand new snowmobile. Do I have to get it inspected?
If you are buying collision coverage for a new snowmobile, you won’t need an inspection if you purchase it within three business days of taking delivery of the machine from the dealer. If you bought the machine from another person and that person had the same or better collision coverage than you are buying, you won’t have to have the snowmobile inspected if you purchase the coverage within three business days. If you are not purchasing collision insurance, you won’t need to have your machine inspected.
I enter my ORV in local races a couple of times during the winter. Do I have coverage for this?
If you race your ORV at any time, you are only allowed to buy basic registration and third party liability coverage for your machine. You cannot buy any of the extended coverage if you race your machine.
My 10-year old son only rides his snowmobile on our farm. Do I have to ride with him?
Any child under the age of 14 must be accompanied by, and in clear view of, a parent or another person at least 18 years of age and authorized by the parent.
My ATV fell off the back of my truck and was damaged. Do I have coverage for that?
You must have collision coverage for this loss to be covered. When the ATV hits the road, it is considered a collision loss.
My snowmobile was damaged when my truck was hit by another car and my snowmobile fell out the back. Do I have coverage for that?
This type of loss is considered to be a comprehensive loss for the snowmobile and collision for the truck. You must have purchased comprehensive coverage for the snowmobile in order for it to be covered.
My snowmobile fell through some river ice. Do I have coverage for the damage?
This type of loss is covered by comprehensive coverage. You must have purchased this coverage in order to have this loss paid.