Motorcycle Extension insurance

Most customers can purchase additional protection against all-perils and injury losses without requiring a separate policy.

Motorcycle extension provides you with choices for:

Third party liability (up to $10 million)

Collision deductibles

Comprehensive coverage

Extension Loss of Use

Excess Value Coverage

New Vehicle Protection coverage

Leased Vehicle Protection coverage

Some restrictions on buying this coverage may apply. Special situations may require application through Special Risk Extension (SRE).

Ask an Autopac agent for details.


I was in a collision with my motorcycle and my helmet was damaged. Is it covered?

Your helmet is mandated by law and is covered under your Basic Autopac. Any time a helmet has been involved in a collision it should be replaced for safety reasons.

I found my motorcycle lying on its side. It seems that someone may have kicked it, causing it to fall over. Do I have coverage for the damage?

If your motorcycle falls over for no apparent reason and hits the ground, this is a collision loss. You have coverage for this under your Basic Autopac. If it falls over because someone pushed it over, or the wind blows it over, you must have comprehensive coverage for these loss types. If you can’t prove how the loss happened, it will be considered collision.