Lay-Up Coverage

When you take your vehicle off the road for an extended period—putting it away for the winter, for example—you could just keep your registration and road coverage.

But switching to Lay-up coverage may save you money. Talk to your Autopac agent.

Lay-up covers accidental loss or damage—such as fire, theft and vandalism, hail and lightning—excluding road use. It doesn’t cover:

  • collision damage
  • claims others make against you
  • vehicles stored outside Manitoba
  • vehicles stored on public roadways

If you’re taking your vehicle off the road, just go to your Autopac agent and switch your Autopac road coverage over to Autopac Lay-up coverage. Please remember that short rate cancellation fees apply to road coverage transferring to Lay-up coverage. You keep your licence plate, but neither your plate nor your insurance is valid for driving.

Your Autopac policy then continues on its yearly cycle but now under Lay-Up coverage. Unless you switch back to road coverage, it will expire when your road coverage would normally expire.

You can switch back to road coverage any time by reactivating your registration through your Autopac agent. This automatically cancels your Lay-Up coverage.

Any time you switch back and forth between Autopac road coverage and Lay-Up coverage, you may be entitled to a credit. If you like, we can automatically apply that credit towards any premium you owe for your new coverage--whether it's road coverage or Lay-Up coverage.

Cars, motorhomes, light trucks and heavy farm or fishing trucks qualify. If your vehicle doesn't qualify but you still need Lay-Up coverage, please ask your agent for special risk Lay-up coverage.


If a building collapses on my stored vehicle, is there coverage?

A Lay-Up policy covers comprehensive losses. This type of policy covers a building falling on your vehicle.

Does it matter where my vehicle is stored?

Your vehicle must be stored in Manitoba and on private property, not on a public roadway.

I had to move my stored vehicle out of my garage so I could get something else out of the garage. When I was backing it out, I hit the side of my garage. Do I have coverage?

Lay-Up coverage is for a vehicle in storage--a vehicle that is not being driven. If you operate your vehicle and have a collision loss, it is not covered under your Lay-Up policy.

I had to move my stored vehicle out of my garage so I could get something else out of the garage. When I was backing it out, I collided with a car driving down the back lane. Do I have coverage?

Your Lay-Up policy does not have any coverage for your own collision damage or for damage you may cause to another person’s vehicle if you are driving it. When your car is under a Lay-Up policy, it is not supposed to be driven at all.

My car is stored in my back yard. When we had a hailstorm it was damaged. Do I have coverage for that?

Hail is a comprehensive loss, which is covered under your Lay-Up policy. Other comprehensive losses include theft, vandalism, and fire.

What if I’m storing a collector vehicle?

If your vehicle is eligible, you may want to consider all-year insurance protection through the Collector Vehicle Program (CVP), instead of Lay-up Coverage.

My vehicle is worth more than $50,000. Will Lay-up Coverage cover it fully?

Lay-up Coverage protects your vehicle up to $50,000 (including taxes). You can insure the amount beyond $50,000 with our Excess Value Coverage.

What does Lay-up coverage cost?

It depends on your vehicle. Ask your Autopac agent or visit our Insurance Rate Calculator for a quote.