Transferring Coverage to Another Vehicle

You can transfer your registration/insurance from one vehicle to another at any Autopac agent. You'll either need new licence plates or a special sticker to put on your licence plates if the vehicles are in different registration classes.

For example, if you sell your car and purchase a truck for your gardening business, you're changing the registration class of your vehicle. The registration class of a vehicle is on the front of a Vehicle Registration Card, at the top left.

When your replacement vehicle is in a different registration class, you must report the change to an Autopac agent before driving the vehicle. That's when you'll receive a new registration and a special sticker to put on your plates.

You can transfer the plates from your currently registered vehicle to your newly purchased vehicle when:

  • Both vehicles are in the same registration class
  • You have sold, traded or scrapped the registered vehicle

You have 7 days from the day you disposed of your old vehicle to register the replacement vehicle with Manitoba Public Insurance. But remember, the coverage on your new vehicle is limited to what you carried on your old vehicle. Always check to make sure the maximum insured value (and declared value if applicable) from your old vehicle are sufficient for your new one.

During the 7-day transfer period, always carry documents in your vehicle showing the sale of your old vehicle and the purchase of its replacement. Remember, too, to bring all of your documents to your Autopac agent when you register.

Vehicles: scrapped, written-off or sold and not replaced

When you dispose of your vehicle and don’t replace it within seven days, you should see your Autopac agent to cancel your policy.

We calculate your refund for unused insurance and registration charges from the day you cancel your policy.

If we write off your vehicle, our staff can cancel your registration and insurance. Or, you can take a copy of the settlement form—called a “proof of loss”—to any Autopac agent. Remember, you can keep your current policy if you’re planning to replace the vehicle within seven days.

Keeping your vehicle if it’s a write-off may not make sense. Canada-wide rules prevent registration of write-offs with extensive structural damage.

Some write-offs can’t be registered again. Others may require an extensive (and expensive) rebuild before being registered again. Talk to your adjuster if you’re thinking about keeping your vehicle so you’ll be able to make an informed choice. You can also get a copy of the Stolen and Wrecked Vehicle Monitoring Program brochure(PDF) from any Autopac agent, from one of our locations, or contact Vehicle Standards and Inspections: inside Winnipeg call 204-985-0920 or outside Winnipeg call toll-free 1-866-323-0542.