Short-Term Autopac

Do you need Autopac coverage and vehicle registration for as short as 30 days or as long as 244 days?

If you own a motorhome or classic sports car that you use for only a few months at a time, short-term Autopac coverage and vehicle registration might be a good choice. Talk to your Autopac agent.

The same rules for registration apply--for example, you must be a Manitoba resident. And, like Autopac, short-term policies offer you a full choice of basic and extension coverages and insurance premium discounts based on your driving behaviour.

Note: You won’t receive a renewal notice reminding you that your Short-term Autopac is about to expire. You’ll need to keep track of this yourself.


  • Your premium is based on the number of days in your policy, times your daily Autopac premium, plus 5% of that amount, and
  • A $15 application fee per policy applies (non-refundable)
  • Payment in full only
  • No refunds are available for short-term policies issued for 30 days and then cancelled