Insuring a New Vehicle

If you've acquired a new or used vehicle either from a dealer or through a private sale, you need to see your Autopac agent to register the vehicle and obtain insurance.

It's against the law in Manitoba to operate a vehicle on the roadway without registration and Basic Autopac insurance coverage. Your Autopac agent will need to see your Transfer of Ownership document, the Certificate of Inspection and the bill of sale, if you are insuring a newly acquired, used vehicle. Additional supporting documents may be required depending on the type of vehicle.

If you've purchased a new vehicle from a dealer, they will provide you with a New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS), which you need to present when you register. If your vehicle has an NVIS, there is no need to obtain a Certificate of Inspection.

Keep in mind that if you are not the legal owner of the vehicle, you will require a written letter of consent from the legal owner before you can register and insure the vehicle.

If you're new to Manitoba there are some special guidelines that you need to follow to qualify for a discount on your Autopac coverage.

Renewing your Autopac coverage

You must renew your insurance by midnight on the day before it expires. Remember to ask your Autopac agent about what changes you may need to make to your coverage.