Who's Covered by PIPP

All Manitoba residents carry Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) coverage with them wherever they travel in Canada and the United States. For Manitobans, there is no reduction in the level of benefit based on the degree of fault for the accident.

The Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) also covers visitors to Manitoba who are injured in an accident in Manitoba while:

  • Occupying a Manitoba-registered vehicle. These visitors get full PIPP compensation.
  • Not occupying a Manitoba-registered vehicle. In this case, visitors receive compensation if someone else was at fault for the accident. For non-residents who are injured in an automobile accident in Manitoba, the amount of compensation depends on the other party's degree of fault.
  • Manitoba driver 25 per cent at fault: visitor gets 25 per cent of PIPP compensation.
  • Manitoba driver 0 per cent at fault, visitor 100 per cent at fault: visitor gets no PIPP compensation.
  • This applies unless we have an agreement with the visitor's home jurisdiction. In that case, the agreement will say how much compensation will be paid.

When you're travelling in another province or state, their laws still apply to you. PIPP protects you everywhere in Canada and the U.S. but the laws where you're travelling may make you responsible for compensating others if you injure them or damage their property.

Your basic third party liability coverage protects you in these situations, up to $200,000. Please consider buying more protection than this, especially if you'll be driving outside Manitoba. For more information, please talk to your Autopac agent.

Remember, you must be a Manitoba resident to qualify for PIPP coverage. If you move outside Manitoba, you're covered for injuries under PIPP only while you're in your Manitoba-registered vehicle. Also, once you've moved, your PIPP coverage ends:

  • When the law in your new home province, territory or U.S. state says you must register your vehicle there.
  • When your Autopac coverage ends.