What's Not Covered

The Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) doesn't cover injuries caused by or through:

  • Maintaining, repairing, altering or improving a vehicle.
  • An animal carried in, or on, or forming part of the load of the vehicle. (For example, a pedestrian bitten by a dog in a car is not entitled to PIPP coverage.)
  • A device mounted on or attached to the vehicle, that can be operated independently, if the vehicle was standing still when the accident happened. (For example, a bystander accidentally sprayed by insecticide being applied from a parked truck.)
  • Off-road vehicles – such as snowmobiles, dirt bikes or ATV's – or other non automobiles such as garden tractors, unless the accident was with a moving automobile.
  • A vehicle that doesn't have to be registered under The Drivers and Vehicles Act, such as motorized mobility aid (electric wheelchairs), agricultural equipment or infrastructure equipment, unless the collision was with a moving automobile.
  • An automobile contest, show or race on a track or other location closed to traffic, where there's extraordinary danger.
  • The injured person's deliberate actions. In that case, neither the victim nor their dependants receive injury compensation.
  • The deliberate actions of the injured person's dependant. In that case, the dependant isn't entitled to compensation.
  • A trailer detached from an automobile.