What's Not Covered

All perils coverage does not cover:

  • the contents of any vehicle or trailer, such as tools, clothing or a camera
  • loss or damage caused by:
  • mechanical failure or the breakdown of any part
  • rusting, corrosion, freezing, or explosion within the combustion chamber, unless the damage was caused by something that your Autopac covers, such as collision, fire, theft or vandalism
  • tires, unless the damage is from a crash, fire, theft or vandalism
  • tapes, CDs and equipment separate from the tape/CD player installed in the vehicle
  • loss or damage to a slide-in camper unit equipped with living accommodations which is mounted on or is off the vehicle
  • loss or damage caused by the theft of the vehicle if the person who stole it lives in the same home or is an employee of the insured person
  • loss or damage from people either stealing, or improperly taking ownership of a vehicle through a conditional sales contract, lease or similar agreement
  • automobiles registered as antiques
  • semi-trailers
  • vehicles operated under a Single Trip Registration Permit
  • loss or damage resulting, directly or indirectly, from a nuclear energy hazard
  • loss or damage from acts of war or terrorism
  • loss or damage if you gave away your vehicle voluntarily
  • loss or damage to: Government of Canada vehicles, vehicles owned by other countries, or any fire department vehicles owned by any government or municipality
  • loss or damage over $1,000 to non-factory installed sound and electronic communications equipment, permanently attached to your vehicle
  • City of Winnipeg transit buses
  • common carrier buses, trucks and truck tractors with a gross vehicle weight over 16,330 kg, except drive-away units, farm trucks, fisherman’s trucks, dealer-plated vehicles, and repairer-plated vehicles
  • regulated vehicles not for compensation with a gross vehicle weight over 5,499 kg and regulated vehicles for compensation of any gross weight, operated more than 161 km outside Manitoba

All perils coverage is limited to collision and upset. Check with your Autopac agent about extra coverage.

The above list outlines the losses and damages that aren’t insured by all perils coverage.