What Is It?

Basic all-perils coverage insures your vehicle and any permanently attached equipment against accidental loss or damage in Canada or the U.S. You pay the deductible and any depreciation —your Autopac coverage pays the rest.

It covers damage from:

  • collision
  • “upset” (your vehicle tips or rolls over)
  • other causes (the insurance term is “comprehensive”), such as vandalism, theft, hail, and fire.

If your vehicle is damaged accidentally but not a write-off, your all-perils coverage pays for repairing it to its pre-accident condition.

For instance, if your vehicle is five years old and its fender needs to be replaced after a collision, we’ll try to find a recycled fender from the same model vehicle for the same year. When parts need replacing, the options range from using recycled parts to brand new factory-manufactured parts. Which of these options we choose depends on the vehicle’s age and condition. You can be sure that all parts we use meet equally strict standards of quality.

Sometimes, it isn’t practical or even safe to use a replacement part that’s equal in value to the one damaged in the accident. For example, it’s better to replace worn-out tires with new ones. In these situations, we’ll give you a brand new part, but you’ll have to pay for some of it. You pay for how much the damaged part had worn before the accident – called depreciation.

Depreciation is the value something has lost just through wear and tear. Similarly, if your vehicle is a write-off, it's insured for its actual cash value--not brand new replacement--up to its maximum insured value.

Actual cash value: Autopac covers the loss or damage to your vehicle based on its actual cash value when the accident happened. Your vehicle’s actual cash value is its fair market value immediately before it was damaged. We determine your vehicle’s actual cash value by independent market surveys, taking into account its year, make, model, kilometres driven and overall condition. Keep your receipts for recent repairs because these may increase your vehicle’s value, depending on the repairs. Keeping recent pictures of your vehicle on hand also makes sense. The pictures may help us assess your vehicle’s condition in case it’s stolen or destroyed.

Maximum insured value: $50,000, including taxes, is the most any car, truck, motorcycle, moped, motorhome, trailer, bus or prototype vehicle is insured for under Basic Autopac — although some of these will be limited to a declared value, which may be substantially less. If your vehicle is worth more than $50,000, including taxes, you'll need Excess Value Coverage to cover the amount over the $50,000 limit.