Basic Sound and Electronic Communications Equipment Coverage

The basic coverage limit is $1,000 for any combination of non-factory-installed sound and electronic communications equipment permanently attached to your vehicle. This includes:

  • Radios
  • Tape players
  • CD players
  • Telephones
  • CB radios
  • Televisions
  • Fax machines
  • Computers, related equipment & software

The $1,000 limit applies to all the costs associated with a claim. This includes the actual cash value of the equipment, the value of the tape, CD or diskette inside the equipment, installation costs and applicable taxes on the replacement equipment. You may want to buy special risk coverage if your non-factory sound and electronic communications equipment has an actual cash value of more than $1,000.

Points to Remember:

Factory Equipment

The $1000 limit doesn't apply to factory-installed equipment. Factory-installed sound equipment is insured for its depreciated value, with no maximum.

Non-factory Equipment

Non-factory sound equipment is insured for its depreciated value, up to a $1,000 maximum. If your sound equipment's depreciated value is greater than $1,000, you should consider additional coverage to protect your investment. Talk to your Autopac agent.

Keep your receipts!

It’s crucial to have the original purchase invoices from the retailer for your non-factory sound equipment.

With your receipts, we’ll confirm the current replacement cost of the stolen equipment and apply depreciation based on how old it was.

With no receipts, you get a pre-set allowance only.

No receipts = pre-set allowances

Without the original receipt from a retailer, we can’t verify exactly what equipment you had. Therefore, we’ve set limits on allowances in these circumstances, based on typical costs for entry-level and higher-value equipment.

By examining your vehicle, we can tell if the stereo you had was either entry-level or higher-value. That’s how we determine which pre-set allowance applies to your claim.

Allowances for Non-factory Equipment (with no receipts)

Entry Level

Higher Value

Cassette/CD player


$ 250

Speakers (per pair)

$ 50

$ 80


$ 50

$ 75

CD changer

$ 125

$ 175


Depreciation applies, according to the age of your stereo equipment:

Up to 1 year old :


More than 1 year old, up to 2 years old:


More than 2 years old, up to 3 years old:


More than 3 years old, up to 4 years old:


More than 4 years old, up to 5 years old:


More than 5 years old:


After depreciation, the minimum allowances are the pre-set amounts for non-factory equipment, with no receipts, shown above.

Remember, your deductible applies too.

If your claim is only for stolen sound equipment and not for any other damage, we subtract your deductible from the depreciated, net value of your stereo.

For non-factory equipment, the $1,000 maximum applies after we’ve subtracted your deductible. Here’s an example:

Replacement cost


Depreciation (10%)


Net value


Less dedutible


Your net payable (coverage maximum)