Loss of Use coverage

With Basic Autopac, you automatically get some protection against loss of use if your vehicle is stolen or accidentally damaged.

Stolen vehicles

Basic Autopac covers some of the costs of using other transportation when your vehicle has been stolen. We'll pay you reasonable expenses for taking vehicles for hire, using public transportation or renting another vehicle. The limit is $34 a day up to a maximum of $1,020, including all taxes.*

This protection starts 72 hours after you report the theft to us or to the police. This Loss of Use coverage ends when your vehicle is repaired, when we offer you a settlement or when the $1,020 maximum is reached‒whichever comes first.

Please phone your adjuster promptly after the police have notified you that they’ve recovered your vehicle.

Damaged vehicles

If your vehicle has been damaged in a collision that is the fault of another Autopac-insured motorist, you may have a claim for replacement transportation expenses. You have to prove that you needed to pay for other transportation and that you did your best to minimize these costs.

You must choose the least expensive, most reasonable transportation option. For example, you should use public transportation and vehicles for hire, unless renting a vehicle would be less costly. If you own a second vehicle, you should use it instead of your damaged one.

You must keep your expenses to a minimum because the at-fault motorist is responsible only for your expenses that are strictly necessary.

If your vehicle is essential to your business or daily life, you should consider buying additional Extension Loss of Use coverage. This coverage pays for the reasonable costs of other transportation, even if you're responsible for the collision. It also reduces your waiting period if the vehicle was stolen.

If you rely on your vehicle daily, a collision or vehicle theft could cause undue stress and extra expenses. Click here for more information on additional Extension Loss of Use coverage.

*Coverage limits subject to change. Motorcycle and moped customers should contact an Autopac agent to ensure they qualify for full coverage.