Deductibles and Optional Lower Deductibles

Your deductible is your portion of any Autopac claim you make for damage or theft. Your Autopac insurance covers the amount over your deductible.

The basic deductible for all-perils coverage depends on the type of vehicle you own. Your deductible is shown on your insurance certificate.

We'll reimburse your deductible when your vehicle was damaged through the fault of another Autopac-insured driver. If the other Manitoba driver was 100% responsible, you'll receive 100% of your deductible back. If you and the other Manitoba driver were each 50% responsible, you'll each receive half your deductible back. If you were 100% at fault, you pay your deductible in full.

In a hit-and-run situation, your deductible applies. But if you can identify the person who was responsible, we’ll try to get your deductible back from that person.

If a stolen vehicle damages your vehicle, we'll reimburse your deductible:

  • if we know the thief's identity, and
  • the thief doesn’t dispute fault for the collision.

You can buy lower deductibles from us too.

Optional lower deductibles

Deductibles for passenger vehicles, vans, light trucks and motor homes

You can reduce the deductible of $500 by buying optional coverage through Manitoba Public Insurance.

If you choose not to purchase additional coverage, the chart below outlines your deductible by vehicle type.

Private passenger vehicles, vans, light trucks, motor homes

$ 500

Motorcycles (only collision and upset coverage)

$ 500

Trailers valued at $2,500 or less

$ 150

Trailers with a declared value between $2,501 and $50,000

$ 500

Taxicabs and vehicles with "LIV" number plates

$ 600

Mopeds (only collision and upset coverage)

$ 150

*Truck tractors, tankers (carrying fuel, chemicals), logging trucks, sand and gravel trucks, common carrier trucks in Manitoba, buses (transit, u-drive)

*some of these vehicles don’t have all-perils coverage.

$ 800