What's Not Covered by Third Party Liability

Third party liability coverage doesn't always protect you. You aren't covered:

  1. For damage your vehicle causes to property you own or rent or that you have in your care or control (for example, you won't be covered if your car damages your boat parked in your driveway for the winter, although your homeowner's insurance policy may cover the damages)
  1. For loss or damage to other people's property in or on your vehicle (for example, a borrowed canoe attached to the roof of your vehicle)
  1. For loss or damage occurring through the use of machinery or equipment mounted on or attached to the vehicle while the vehicle is parked at a work site (for example, damage caused by a truck that is parked and spraying insecticide to control mosquitoes)
  1. If your vehicle was being driven by someone who’s in the business of repairing, servicing, storing or parking vehicles (for example, a repair shop employee test-driving your car before or after servicing it), or who’s an automobile dealer and that person wasn’t your employee or partner
  1. For loss or damage to your employee who's injured operating or repairing your vehicle
  1. For loss or damage from criminal activity
  1. For liability imposed by any workers' compensation law
  1. For liability for damages from injury, death or damage to property due to a nuclear energy hazard
  1. If you're operating a Government of Canada vehicle
  1. For your own injuries or death - this coverage is for claims others may make against you
  1. If you’re operating a regulated vehicle, not for compensation, with a gross vehicle weight of over 5,499 kg more than 161 km outside of Manitoba, or a regulated vehicle, for compensation, of any gross vehicle weight more than 161 km outside of Manitoba
  1. If you're operating a municipal or other government-owned fire department vehicle
  1. If you're using a Single Trip Registration Permit
  1. For loss or damage caused by a semi-trailer

The above list outlines the damages that aren’t covered by third party liability insurance. To ensure your third party liability coverage is valid, you must follow the conditions of your policy.

With the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program, you need to be especially cautious lending your vehicle to any new driver. Anyone in the GDL program who drives while breaking the rules of the program is not authorized by law to drive. Your Autopac doesn’t cover you if you lend your vehicle to any driver who isn’t authorized by law to drive.

To find out more about the rules for drivers in the GDL program, please refer to the Graduated Driver Licensing: Your Guide brochure.