Responsibility for accidents

Although fault doesn't affect how much injury compensation Manitobans get, it's still important.

  1. Being at fault affects the amount of deductible you pay now and your insurance premiums in the future. When we pay a claim from an accident for which you are responsible, your driving record is affected. This happens even if the vehicles involved had no damage but the other driver or a passenger claimed minor injuries. Remember, claim-free drivers pay the lowest rates.
  1. In Manitoba, you can be sued for damage your vehicle causes to someone else's property. The Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) eliminates lawsuits for injuries to people (except for off-road vehicles – see below), but lawsuits for property damage claims can still occur. Fault affects the outcome of court actions for damages.

    For more information about how we assess fault, please see our Who’s at Fault brochure.

And remember, you can still be sued for injuries from accidents occurring outside Manitoba.

A special word on off-road vehicles

An off-road vehicle, or ORV, is any wheeled or tracked motorized vehicle designed or adapted to travel cross-country on land, water, ice, snow, marsh, swampland or other natural terrain. Snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, dune buggies and dirt bikes are some examples of ORVs. Examples of vehicles not considered to be ORVs are: a golf cart, a garden or lawn tractor, infrastructure equipment and agricultural equipment.

With a few exceptions, ORV's must be registered. Your ORV registration includes $500,000 third-party liability and underinsured motorist coverage. No other coverage is included. Because most ORVs are only used seasonally, the rules applying to your basic coverage and registration differ from the rules applying to your car. Here are some important things to remember:

  • Beyond $500,000 third party liability and underinsured motorist coverage, you do not receive any additional coverage for damage or injuries with your ORV registration and licence plates.
  • You pay your premium when the riding season starts.
  • Your basic coverage and registration lasts all year.
  • You always pay for the whole riding season—no refunds if you cancel part way through the riding season, or reductions if you buy your coverage part way through the riding season.

    Caution! Your ORV presents two financial risks different from your automobile. First, Personal Injury Protection (PIPP) doesn’t cover ORV accidents unless your ORV collides with a moving car, truck or other motor vehicle that must be registered for road use. That’s why optional Accident Benefits coverage through Manitoba Public Insurance is so important for you and your passengers. Second, others can sue you if your ORV injures them in Manitoba—unlike your automobile. That means buying extra third party liability coverage is a wise choice.

We offer affordable extra protection for you and your ORV. Here are some key points about your coverage choices:

Accident Benefits

  • Helps cover injury costs resulting from disability, medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Covers operators of your ORV and passengers riding on it
  • Pays the same benefits regardless of fault

Third-Party Liability Plus

  • Replaces and improves on third party liability coverage by including underinsured motorist protection, which covers owners, their spouses and any dependent relatives.
  • Offers two-way liability protection: 1) against claims others make against you for property damage or injuries and 2) against other ORV operators who haven’t enough liability insurance to cover your injury claim.
  • Choose from three levels of coverage: $1 million, $2 million and $5 million*

Collision protection*

  • Covers collision damage to your ORV
  • Choose from either a $200 or $500 deductible

*An Autopac Agent may need to inspect your ORV before you can buy this coverage.

Comprehensive protection

  • Covers damage to your ORV from causes other than collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism and hail
  • Choose from either a $200 or $500 deductible

Ask an Autopac agent for more details.

Some restrictions may apply to buying this coverage. Special risk situations may require a separate application.

With all our ORV coverage, you renew on the same schedule as the rest of your Autopac. Your coverage begins as soon as you apply, but you don’t pay until the start of the riding season. And even though you only pay premium during the ORV riding season, your coverage lasts year round.

Here are the riding seasons for snowmobiles, ORV motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV)s:

Snowmobiles: Dec. 1 to March 31
ORV motorcycles: May 1 to Sept. 30
ATVs: Jan. 1 to Dec. 31