When Third-Party Coverage is Denied

To ensure your third party liability coverage is valid, you must follow the conditions of your policy.

We can refuse to cover you if:

  1. Someone was driving who wasn't qualified and allowed by law to drive (an unlicenced driver)
  2. Someone was driving with a suspended driver's licence or can't drive because of a court order
  3. Someone under 16 was driving who didn't have a learner's permit or wasn't following its terms
  4. The vehicle was being used to carry on an illegal trade or to transport items in violation of the law (for example, the vehicle was being used to smuggle cigarettes)
  5. The vehicle was in a speed test or motor race
  6. An unregistered trailer was attached to the vehicle when the law requires the trailer to be registered
  7. The vehicle was being used to flee from the police
  8. The vehicle was used to deliberately cause injury, death or property damage

In any of these situations, you are personally responsible for any claims made against you. Or, if we had to make any payments because of your actions, you'll have to pay the money back.


With the Graduated Drivers licensing (GDL) program, you need to be especially cautious lending your vehicle to any new driver. Anyone in the GDL program who drives while breaking the rules of the program is not authorized by law to drive. Your Autopac won't cover you if you lend your vehicle to any driver who isn't authorized by law to drive. Find out more about the rules for drivers in the GDL program.