Free window stickers

Thousands of vehicles come from the factory with approved immobilizers built in. But they don’t always come with window stickers showing they’re protected.

Many Manitobans feel window stickers deter thieves, and have asked us to provide them.

If your vehicle came with an approved, factory-installed immobilizer -- but no window stickers -- you can now get them, free! Two stickers per vehicle.

See whether you have an approved, factory-installed immobilizer

If you have an approved immobilizer-- but no stickers -- here’s how to get yours:

1. Drive your vehicle to one of our service centres – no appointment needed.

  • At city centres, drive up to the Emergency Claims Garage door.
  • For other locations, park in visitor parking and go in to the front counter

2. We’ll make sure your vehicle has a factory-installed, approved immobilizer.

3. We'll put one sticker on the driver’s side window and one on the front passenger-side window.


  • The vehicle must be brought in by the registered owner, or by someone who has written permission from the registered owner.
  • In outlying areas, you can contact the nearest service centre, and arrange to get the stickers when a road estimator is in your area.