What if I’m moving to Manitoba?

If you're registering a Most-at-Risk vehicle in Manitoba for the first time, it must be equipped with an approved immobilizer either before registering the vehicle or within the allowable grace period. The grace period is 30 days for vehicles that are either registered in Winnipeg or used to commute to Winnipeg, and 90 days for vehicles registered outside of Winnipeg.

Follow these five steps to register your vehicle:

  • Get a claim history from the previous insurer.
  • Get your Manitoba driver’s licence.
  • Get a Certificate of Inspection (COI) proving your vehicle meets Manitoba safety standards from a Manitoba vehicle inspection station. We’ll accept a COI from another province or state with a safety program similar to ours.
  • Go to an Autopac agent with all your paperwork and register.
  • Get an approved immobilizer installed.

Immobilizer Documents

You will be required to provide documentation that your vehicle has been equipped with an immobilizer at the time of registration or within your applicable grace period:

  • Aftermarket immobilizer - Bring your Immobilizer Installation Certificate or immobilizer installation invoice.
  • Factory installed immobilizer - Obtain letter or original build sheet from manufacturer, specifying the serial number of the vehicle and the type of immobilizer.

For more details about registering your vehicle in Manitoba, talk to any Autopac agent. Check here to see if your vehicle is Most-at-Risk.