What to expect on installation day

How long will the installation take?

It varies, but a standard installation usually takes a few hours. Most facilities will ask for you to leave your vehicle for four to five hours and a number of them will shuttle you to downtown or a nearby mall. For a better idea of how long the installation will take, contact the facility before your appointment.

When you arrive at the installation facility

The installer will estimate the cost of installation for your vehicle. If you have a remote starter, for example, additional costs may apply.

When you pick up the vehicle

You will be asked to sign an Authorization to Install, which is confirmation the immobilizer was installed in your vehicle and allows Manitoba Public Insurance to provide the rebate to the installer as payment on your behalf. If you are financing any costs not covered by our rebate, you’ll be asked to sign a promissory note. The installer will collect payment from you directly for any costs not financed through Manitoba Public Insurance.

When the installation is completed

You’ll receive an Immobilizer Installation Certificate, which you should keep with your records. If an immobilizer is mandatory in your vehicle, you must bring the certificate with you when you renew. The installer will send all paperwork back to Manitoba Public Insurance. Within days, you will receive a $40 cheque – your first insurance discount for installing an immobilizer in your vehicle. After this, you will have $40 deducted from the cost of your insurance every year.