Collector/Specialty Vehicle Exemptions

A Most-at-Risk vehicle that qualifies as a collector or specialty vehicle may be exempt from the mandatory requirement to install an immobilizer if, in the opinion of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, the installation of an aftermarket device would significantly diminish the quality and value of the vehicle as a collectible.

To qualify for an exemption, the vehicle's owner must submit an Application for Immobilizer Exemption and meet the additional requirements as outlined. If an exemption is granted, the vehicle's owner must meet the following requirements on an ongoing basis:

  • Keep and maintain the vehicle in exceedingly good condition.
  • Register, insure and operate the vehicle for pleasure or collector vehicle use only.
  • Not use the collector or specialty vehicle as primary transportation.
  • Store the collector or specialty vehicle in a locked storage facility/garage when the vehicle is not being operated.
  • Sign an undertaking that the owner is aware of the qualifications for exemption and that if the vehicle no longer meets any of the qualifications, the owner will immediately cause it to be equipped with an approved immobilizer.