Road Safety

Carrying passengers and cargo safely

Avoid carrying passengers or cargo until you are confident of your balance and control. Carrying passengers or cargo will change your vehicle’s balance, steering, acceleration and braking.

When carrying passengers, always allow more room to manoeuver and brake in traffic.

Instruct your passenger on how to ride with you:

  • Make sure your motorcycle is ready and built for carrying another person. Add the specified amount of air pressure to the tires (as outlined in the owner’s manual) and adjust the shock absorbers, check the slack in the drive chain and adjust the angle of the headlight.
  • Sudden movement can cause a change of direction so a passenger should always move when you do; leaning forward when you accelerate, back when you slow down and with you when you are taking a corner.
  • You must have a proper seat and foot pegs that allow your passenger to sit behind you without moving you from your normal position.
  • Your passenger should sit as far forward as possible without crowding you, and hang on securely to your waist or hips.
  • Both of your passenger’s feet should always be on the foot pegs even when you are stopped.
  • Make sure your passenger wears protection gear similar to your own.
  • Motorcycles are not designed to carry cargo. Small loads can be carried safely if they are properly positioned and fastened.

When loading cargo:

  • Carry cargo in equipment designed for your bike, such as in a tank bag or in saddle bags.
  • If the cargo is lashed to the tank or seat, be sure it is evenly distributed and well secured.
  • Be sure that the tie straps or mounting brackets will not interfere with moving parts like a drive chain, swing arm or shocks.
  • Try to keep cargo in front of the rear axle.
  • Don’t carry unfastened cargo between your knees or in your hands or arms.
  • Don’t overload the bike.
  • Check the securing devices frequently.

Remember: drivers with a Class 6 Stage L (Learner) or Class 6 Stage A (Authorized Instruction)are not permitted to carry passengers.